Deflated after negative unsolicited "critique" from VO Universe member

I have just joined this site and without asking I was publicly (negatively) critiqued by another member. People need to realize that critique is fine if it's solicited. Even then, if all you have to say is something negative, it can be hard to deal with if nothing positive is mixed in. It's totally inappropriate to post this here as well unless I had asked it to be.

A private email is more appropriate with something like that.

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Thanks for the positive critique Barry and sound advice!


I brought it up AGAIN because I felt I needed to. It was difficult to deal with. I'm glad I brought it up here and I appreciate the discussion as everyone here must be able to relate.

Thanks again for your thoughts,

"It takes all kinds..." One of the most valuable pieces of advice I ever got was this: What others say to you is only valid if you agree with them. Every value judgment, both negative and positive, is coming from someone else's bag, and you have no idea what the motivation is behind it. So stick with what you know about yourself, and don't let the words of others affect you unless you agree with what they say. (And remember... that goes for praise as well as criticism!) That whole philosophy is commonly summed up in two words: ______ 'em!

Thanks for the advice. Well said!!!

Much appreciated!

Lisa :)
That's an interesting philosophy. Because my VO career wasn't anything to write home about...then I sought out was a jagged pill to swallow...some of the things I heard from them. Some of them I absoLUTELY didn't agree with.... But I was "new"> I took their advice....tweaked my demos WAY up...and now I make a nice living in the VO arena (took several years).
My view is that it is sometimes good to learn from others that have perfected formulas thru trial and error. Might save ya a ton of time, energy, money....etc. I wouldn't go as far as to say that what someone else says is only valid if you agree with them. But it's an interesting point to ponder. Best of luck with what ever route you take~~
I can't even believe what I'm reading.

Lisa, after apologizing TWICE both publicly and privately, and exchanging a few personal emails I thought we had put this to bed. I guess not. I'm disappointed that you've ignored the fact that in all 3 exchanges including the original post, I specifically said the critique I gave was not meant to be harsh or meant with malice, they were meant with the best of intentions and I was simply trying to help. The words I used were very professional and pointed out specifics as to how I thought the demo could be made better. I said NOTHING of your talent level, made no rude comments, insults, or anything of the like, and don't appreciate you eluding to that in this post. I answered your original question about Voices/ and then simply offered a few suggestions as to what could improve your sound and demos before you invest in either site. I brought up the fact that you have radio imaging scattered throughout your commercial demo, and this was not recommended. Anyone in this business long enough should agree with me on that. I also mentioned that I thought you could show a better variety of reads. Again, I never said anything of your talent level, it was simply a suggestion. You're right, it was unsolicited and for that I apologize, but I was merely looking out for you as a fellow talent. You haven't been on the site long, but that's what we normally do here.

Many of the people that replied to this post know me well from here (you can call me an "eejit" anytime, Philip ;), and I have a feeling they would not be so harsh if they had seen the original post. I've been on this site for over a year now and as far as I know, I'm not known for being insensitive or rude and didn't plan on starting now.

What's odd is that you asked me to delete the original post, which I did, quite promptly, saying it was "humiliating", and then you go and humiliate yourself by offering up the fact that I critiqued you in the first place to everyone anyway, by posting this very message.

I'm sorry that I had to re-iterate the original post, but when I saw this one I felt I needed to defend myself.

Thanks for everyone's time.

--Trish Basanyi
Lisa, I have a saying for things like this...

"F*** 'em if they can't take a joke."

You do what you do, and go on about your business. If you want their opinion, you'll squeeze their head for it.
I guess I missed the "joke" phrase but usually there is a joke involved I thought when this is used>
Heyy there Lisa, Very well said!! I look at life this way....everyone will always have something to say no matter how good or bad you may be but the things in life that are unchanging >>>"The Facts & The Truth"!
So worry not of nay sayers...just Focus with "RELENTLESS POSITIVITY"!!! Most of us here are Students of Life and VO=)

Ladie Mo$t...
I'm about two moon phases late for this party but I agree with most of you. Any type of constructive criticism should be requested by the member and then sent privately. You sound really good, Lisa! Don't take offense to negative energy and keep moving forward. :)
Get over it and move on. If one thing occupies your time and thoughts that much, you'll never be able to move forward and progress at anything! The world is a big cruel place sometimes and if you don't have thick skin, you will never make it.


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