Does anyone have some suggested quality settings for the 286A paired with a 416? Thanks all!

Shane Wells

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I've got them for a Neumann TLM 103
The DBX 286A is a great Performer for a low price
When setup Right!
Hi Joe,

Would you mind sharing them? My email is I would really appreciate it.
Joe - I see you have experience with the DBX 286A. Would you mind sharing your settings? I'm just trying to get this dialed-in and understanding the ranges for male/female voices would be great. Thanks in advance! - Al
Joe - I'm running either my RE27 N/D or my U87 into the DBX 286A then chained into my MBox 2 Pro/Pro Tools LE 8.0.3. Thanks in advance for sharing and Happy Holidays! - Al
I don't have a 416 mic but I use an AKG 414's how I use the 286A:
Gain to just under +30
Drive to about 6
Density to 10
De-Esser, Frequency to just under 1K, threshold about .5
Enhancer LF detail to just under 3, HF detail to about 4
Expander/Gate: Threshold to just under 30, Ratio to 2.1
MY output to just under -6 for my system

Hope that helps!
Jim - Thanks!

Two quick questions:
1 - do you have the High Pass (80Hz) filter on?
2 - Did you mean you have the De-Esser threshold at .5 (which is the first tick mark above Off or did you mean "5" which is the 12:00 position?

Hi Al...
On my 286A, the Hi Pass filter is NOT on....
De-Esser is set to .5..just a tick above Off.
I'm sure my settings will need adjustment for whatever mic you choose to use, but hopefully you can get some decent sound out of these settings or however you choose to evolve them!

Thanks a million!


I have a PL20 Electrovoice Dynamic mic linkied with a dbx 286 A and I'd be so pleased to get a basic setting for a female voice. 


Thanks so much.




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