Custom Built Voice Over Studio in Melbourne, Australia

Hi all :)

It's been a long time since I've posted or browsed here, but I have some exciting news I thought would be worth sharing - we have a new voice over studio for our company Big Mouth Media !

Normally I like reading other people's blogs about their studios, now it's your turn :) 

We used to record work in a room that had very little treatment and I was using a blanket fort over my head to cut down reflections (considering we are in a rented premises we couldn't remove or add walls unfortunately).

So instead we employed a fabricator to make us a booth - and it's entirely out of steel, as opposed to a WhisperRoom/VocalBooth/Studiobricks.   We did test a Vocal Booth early on but it seems to leak a LOT of noise in althought it was a good dead area.

Ours has built into it a desk, on which we've attached the Yellowtek Mika Microphone Arm, a Presonus Faderport, 2xXLR, 2xUSB, 2x6.35mm headphone jacks, and about to add a DVI-D for a monitor in the future.

It has an acoustically graded door, air intakes top and bottom with silencers built in and a speed controllable fan which pushes out 9 air changes an hour for those long sessions :)

I've already recorded several jobs in there (and subsequent revisions) and there is absolutely no change in the sound, which is ultimately what we wanted - to have the same environment to walk into, with the only difference being my voice.

We're also looking into hiring it out to other voice talents / music people to practice or record down the track - why not ?

You can track it's progress here:

The New Studio - Part 1

The New Studio : Part 2

The New Studio – Part 3 (Almost There)

The New Studio – Part 4 – It Arrives !

I'm editing a video at the moment, and about to do a 'tour', plus will be posting some audio :)

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