Hi gang,

Have you ever encountered negative feedback of your work? At one point or another, I've gotten it from anonymous online comments, reviews and (very rarely) in person. Mind you, the producers are always happy and that's what matters most to me: repeat business.

I've been wanting to write a blog on the criticisms VO talent might encounter for some time, but I am wondering if you would be willing to share your thoughts on the subject.

*How did you deal with it at the time?

*Was the criticism at all constructive?

* How did you move forward?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hello Dan,

Criticism - oh yes, it comes in many forms; In your face, behind your back, under the breath, rolling of the eyes, a sigh, a sneer, an unreturned phone call or email - all could qualify.

Dealing with criticism comes from confidence. Confidence comes with time and being broken in and experienced to all the rigors of this industry. Confidence comes with experience in this industry AND life. Since criticisms are like little bumps in the road you simply and eventually just run over them and put them behind you. The criticisms like the bumps come in all shapes and sizes. some you simply ignore, some you avoid, but you learn to live with all of them.

Were they all constructive - Yes and no (for me). From friends, family, strangers - everybody has a different opinion; all of which doesn't matter as long as you can distinguish in your heart that you're on you're own right path. It may not be right to someone else, only to you.

Moving forward? Well the answer to that question is to read that line again without the question mark, simply and bluntly put.

The short answer is follow your heart, it's always right. If you don't move forward you're standing still.

Well put, Barry! Thank you for the response.
Generally if the person who signed the check was happy that's all that counts.

Last year I had a voice job. The technician hated the voice and read, but the client loved it. The person signing the check is the only opinion that matters.


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