Caught In the Middle - Finding an Agent if you live Between two Big VO Markets

Like a lot of you I am working hard to be a VO artist. But you know what they say, its not what you know ...but who. I live in Philly, I have been over to do voice training at Mike Lemon Casting and done some work around the tri-state area for guys like Mike at Mars audio. Lately i did a big Gig for Sovereign Bank with Fusion in Center City Philly, but aside from that and some videos for a local law firm not much. I have sent my demos out all over the area, even call a women in Hawaii who did casting fro animae. But nothing has come in, no one has called...Yet What I need is an Agent. Like a lot of you I work a real job while working to break in to VO. I have so many demands on me. I make time for twittering about my self and my demos at but still I get little reply. so I a have started looking for agent in the big markets, LA and NY hoping one will take me on. I have the skills to do most VO Gigs in my range like Documentaries, Commercials, Radio Hosting, Instructional Videos and more. Frankly I am a bit of a newbie but I am looking for a agent that can see past that to the hear the real me and what I can do for their clients.

I like to hear anybody's advice on this...Thanks

Muhammad Bey

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You are right of course Phillip, Persistence and personal effort do pay off, it how I got the Gigs I did get. But it never hurts to have help. Even if the books are full , there may be some agent who themselves are just starting out. It may be possible to catch a wave here or there along side of beating the street your self for a gig like i do.
Every little bit helps...thanks for your comments .
I have to agree with Philip...

In addition, The myth about "who" you know is just that... a myth. It's Y-O-U that will get the gigs for you, not a buddy, and if they did... the true testament is if Y-O-U the KEEP job... not "Who" you know.

Work hard, study, compare and study some more.


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