Can you get an agent if your home studio doesn't have ISDN and you live outside of their area ?

So I've been trying for a while to get ANY jobs off of the online casting sites, with no luck. Lots of great feedback, but no booked paying jobs yet. I'd like to look into getting an agent, in the hopes of booking some work. The problem is that I live about an hour and a half outside of Los Angeles, and there aren't really any (legitimate) agencies in my area that I can find. When I do searches online for casting agencies, usually on their submission pages, they say "we will accept submissions from talent outside our area if your home studio is equipped with ISDN." ISDN is expensive, I don't have an actual phone line (I use a cell only), and I don't want to invest in it with no promise of frustrating! I do have a professional microphone setup and editing system though.

Do any of you work with agents outside of your area, that don't require ISDN? Where can I find them? Is it at all possible to record solely in your home studio and maybe a phone patch or Skype if required? Or am I limited to just the online casting sites where I've had no luck?

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