Hey all!

I have just finished making a new website. Please can you take 5 minutes to check it out and give me your constructive thoughts and comments? I welcome them good and bad! Also, have I left anything out that you can think of?


Many thanks in advance and I look forward to your responces!

Darren x

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Nice Darren - simple, easy to navigate, and with all the stuff you need.

I love your character voices!

The only thing I could find to quibble with? Your audio doesn't stop playing when you move to the videos section, unless you go back and stop it manually. (Does that help?)

Cheers Mike, much appreciated.

I didn't realise that about the audio, I'll look into it.

Darren, it's not loading very well for me. The first time I got a blue page. The second time, just the pic of you and heard your voice, the third time just the nav buttons and now I think it's finally all there. Could just be my computer doesn't want to be working so early in the morning! It looks good now that I can see it all. I'm not a fan of audio when a site loads but that's just me and I found the pause button right away. Great bio!

Mandy, thanks for your thoughts. Weird about the loading, I'l look into it. I wanted something as the main page loaded, so I made that little jingle and only put it on the front, but I take your point! Glad you like it, cheers. x
The main note I'd give is that it takes FAR too long to load. I've got a pretty fast connection, and yet it took about 30 seconds for it to load, plus time for each new page I went to. Casting Directors are pretty busy and I would hate for you not to get a job simply because the flash takes too long to load. Looks great, though! I am right there with you--I've been doing a lot of work on my website as well.

Good luck!


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