I would like to get your input on the best site for leads. I have done well with Voice123, but lately they are getting a little weird on me, and giving fewer audition opportunities in order to "be fair". Voices.com is about to pass Voice123 in the number of jobs I get, and the auditions are easier there (no multiple screens asking if "I'm really sure about auditioning for this job") But are there others that fair even better?


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The three categories that you spoke of are “Southern Expression”, “Darth and Picard”, and “Santa and Tess”. The three descriptive slots that I “fail” to fill in are “recording category”, “voice ages”, and “my own pre, post or production”. Those three categories have added up to less than 2% of my clients needs on any of my sites. This is NOT why I’m getting fewer auditions!

On the other hand, I probably have more technical expertise than most of your clients, having built my own studio. Steven you have, again, blamed one of your customers for the problem. Do you not see a pattern here? The king really has no clothes on.
A bad experience.

Years ago I paid the premium subscription for Voice123.com, only to find that every single person on planet earth could audition for anything. If you were trying to get a little extra work on Voice123.com, it was sometimes very hard unless you were the first 10 to 15 auditions. No voice seeker had time to listen to the 300+ that were submitted.

So, I let my subscription expire.

Within the last 2 months, I began to inquire about the site again. I had many bad feedback emails from friends. I decided to chat with Voice123.com support to ask some very pointed questions about the service.
I was assured that the "Smartcast" technology would increase the ability for me to get better exposure on auditions with all of its astounding formulas and calculation. Even on the website, the "Smartcast" information page gives elaborate explanation about its ability to match talent, sift through the voice pool and match the best talent with the seeker.

This I believe is complete nonsense. Save your money. I have chat logs from Voice123.com that basically confirm at the heart of the "Smartcast" technology, exists nothing more than a rotation wheel for talent. If you audition for material, you get kicked to the back of the pile. Now, of course it is not THAT simple, but that is a big part of it.

So, I complained. I got the diplomatic answer. I posted the question to the Voice123.com forum... guess what. I got kicked back to a standard member and my paid membership revoked.

It was like censorship. I inquired, they said I violated the Voice123.com forum policy. I asked where the policy was, I couldn't find it. Guess what, there wasn't a posted policy. They couldn't show me.

Has anyone else had a bad run with Voice123.com - I am just dumbfounded at this unbelievable turn of events.
I know this thread is a bit old, but I am also evaluating where to invest online. Right now I do V123 and Voices.com.

It seems I ma getting just the opposite from the rest of you. V123 has done me pretty well this year with good solid jobs and repeat customers from those jobs.

Voice.com on the other hand is a total meat market, and I swear that unless you respond within 10 minutes you are well over the 15th or even 20th mark. I did just book a job there last week and the seeker told me within minutes he had generic auditions back.

Now just like Forrest, I'm not a smart man, but I know what love...er ... web pages are. There HAVE to be people running a bot submitting generic auditions. Heck I have even thought about it myself! Something smells fishy there and that could easily be fixed by adding one of those "The the letters you see in the graphic below" widgets on the submission page. I wonder if that would slow the rate down a bit.

For me, Voices.com is out, and I'm shopping for a new one to go along with V123. I agree V123 needs to be improved a bit, but it is paying for itself.

Again apologies for resurrecting this thread after it's dormancy.

Fletch, thanks for you input. You do what works for you. Voice123 still more than pays for it's self to me, so I will continue to use that source. Some of us have just been frustrated with it's limits. There are no such limits, to me, with Voices.com. I have also been with VO Planet for over a month without any jobs. But if I get a few within the next year, it will have payed for it's self. I will post here if/when VO Planet pays off.
Thanks George. I just need to fugure out why Voices is not working for me as well as others.

Like Mark, I've had pretty good success with Voice 123. I joined early in 2008 and made my money back within about 4 weeks if I remember correctly. Ironically, of the 70 auditions I submitted in the past year, I only booked about 5 or 6 gigs (maybe because I refused to audition for the cheap gigs), but several of those clients have contacted me directly for additional projects. One of the interesting things I can say is that the whole process opened my eyes to the types of work I would get. Coming from a commercial VO/production base, I assumed I'd be booking tons of commercial gigs. But actually 90% of my work was in narration, and I NEVER booked an actual commercial! That helped me to take another look at what I had to offer in that area, and to feature my narration work more than I had been up to that point.

Towards the end of my subscription period, the auditions and gigs seemed to dry up quickly (that was in the first quarter of this year). I haven't renewed yet, as I'm considering a few other services to try out over the next year. Yeah, there are *lots* of things that are frustrating about Voice123, it's a massive numbers game, and you've got to be Quickdraw McGraw with your auditions... but I think in the long run my experience with them was more positive than negative.
V123, is getting more frustrating for me than even before. In the last week, I went 5 days in a row without a single audition opportunity. In the same time period I got lots of audition opportunities and 3 jobs from Voices.com!

I would like to ask others reading this, if you've ever gone 5 days without an audition opportunity using V123? That seems a little much to me, and never happened before. Maybe a computer glitch?
This is because of the "Smartcast" system... which is basically a rotation wheel for talent. You audition... you get kicked to the back of the bus so everyone else can have a turn.

When I posted a question obout that tactic on the Voice123.com forum... The yanked my premium membership and kicked me back to standard.

Crazy. Stick with voices.com
Voice123 in my opinion is a great concept with incredibly poor customer relations, service and management skills. Seems to me they make up rules on the fly.


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