Recently, I threw caution to the wind and did some work for a company in India. I was VERY suspicious of them from the get go. My wife reminded me we have to have money to eat and live indoors, so I threw caution to the wind. First, they demanded I work net 30 which for a new client, I nearly never do. Then, they wanted a phone number here. I found that strange considering they're in Mumbai.

Long story short, it looks like I got stiffed. They don't answer emails etc. Lesson learned. My time is lost. Has anyone else had similar problems?


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Hey John!

So sorry to hear about this.  I was recently contacted by an Indian company looking to lowball. They were also located in Mumbai. The way to find out if they are legit or not, would be for you ask for a 50% deposit upfront.  To be held in escrow - until the project is completed.  I usually stress that is standard policy being a first time and International client.  Most legit companies are ok with this once the agreed upon fees have been set.  By the way, that company (doing Audio books) also said they would not pay until 30 days after!! So that may be a standard. Ask for the phone number. I use Vonage so calls to India are the same rate as local.  If you want to private message me the Company name, I can have them checked out. My in-laws live not too far from Mumbai and I"ve got several friends all over India. Unfortunately I know what its like to be scammed, so if there is anything I can do, let me know!

My wonderful client has now stopped answering emails and still refuses to pay. In my opinion, if you accept any work from Mayflower Languages, you're doing so for free. They troll all of the pay for play VO sites and send out requests for auditions. 

I've gotten some legal advice and fortunately there are remedies available. Their U.S. client is not going to be happy. I hope this post saves someone from a missed payday.



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