Saw this in a thread for a DIY vocal booth.  But the person who mentioned the plans ( didn't report on the quality of the booth once it was built.


- Sound quality inside the booth

- Deadening sound from outside the booth

- Deadening sound from inside the booth to outside the booth


Has anyone used these plans or booths?

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Yes, I have used Dawbox. It's a true do it yourself; meaning a lot of hard work. The plans and DVD are great! Quality is as good as it gets, but you must be a meticulous person. The plans are easy to follow and the DVD is VERY helpful to reference. No issues with sound noise in, out, or from and to same.

Of course there are many other factors in the environment in which you wish to place your booth. Traffic (not just noise, but vibrations), air traffic patterns, neighbors and so on. Even the best built booth can't stop some noise or vibrations from entering your home or building, but a well built booth and well sound treated booth ands surrounding area can make an excellent recording setup.

Search some articles on "sound treatment" and take them to heart but also with a grain of salt. You don't need to spend 20 g's for a really good setup, but do consider smart, low cost alternatives you can do for a few thousand including the booth.


How much sound does the booth keep out?

Enough to produce proessional sound files. it's as good as advertised. I can highly recommend it!

An old thread, but someone may know:  What material does DAW-BOX specify for the walls & ceiling of their DIY booth?  Not sheetrock, I assume.


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