Wanted to get a list of recommended Voice Talent agencies specific in America. I have a UK agent, but do alot of work in the U.S. and looking for representation over there. Areas New York, Florida, L.A.

Can anyone give some advice and suggestions?

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Here are two comprehensive resources for US talent agency listings.

www.voiceoverresourceguide.com - This has primarily LA and NY agents.

www.videovoicebank.net - This site includes just about every US agent who handles voiceover talent.

As to which agents are recommended? That's a tough question. It will take a little research to pick those agents who best fit your performing abilities or VO niche.

We're planning to have a number of agents at VOICE 2010 and, if our plans work out, there may even be an opportunity to submit demos to them at the conference.

Best of luck in your agent search.

James R. Alburger
Thanks James!!! That's really helpful.

I hope I will be able to come over to the Conference next year as it would be great to be apart of it. Hopefully I'll have a big gig during that time to bring me out there! :-)

It would be great to be able to submit demos too and hope there are some Awards for the event to acknowledge artists. Definitely an International Award OR Upcoming Talent one!

Best Wishes,

Go to the AFTRA and SAG websites for listing of agents nationwide. Make sure they are legit and this way you'll know they are. Some US agents won't book foreign talents...others will in this day of computer-based recording.
Bettye Zoller
Hi Posy,
I'm afraid unless you're here, its going to be very difficult.
I had the exact same problem going the reverse way. I have ISDN, source connect etc but (and this is completely understandable) they want to see you in person. As you know body language is important.

One voice site which gives you a bit of both worlds is www.voplanet.com - it's sort of an agency and a website.

Otherwise, James suggestions are spot on.

Before I got here I emailed 25 agencies and got one limp response. Then a casting director put in a call and I had meetings with the 4 top agencies in LA and got 3 offers....so in LA its WHO you know, not what you know.

Do you know anyone who can recommend you or know someone who worked here? That's what will make it much easier

All the best


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