Hello all.
I need your urgent input please. I have been in discussions regarding voicing an academic audiobook for some time. I have jumped through hoops for the client to achieve the desired sound. When you're used to recording commercials and promos its a different tone altogether.

Now, I finally have the script/text and am looking at about 380 words per page over around 270 pages - approx 100,000 words. The client thinks this pans out to 10 finished recorded hours and wants to cap the fee to that.

This is a fairly heavy read. Something I can more than handle, and am looking forward to doing.

However, the client in my opinion is vastly underestimating the time involved. He is also expecting me to do all post production and keeps being a little vague as to his requirements, which I am starting to find a little annoying.

Ok so, I am not Stephen Fry, nor am I a newbie. My session fee is GBP200 and I was in the studio at that rate 3 days ago. This client is wanting to offer me a rate that factors in my inexperience with audiobook recording. I think the rate he offers is too low considering he wants me to do post also.

What do you guys think?
What would you consider a reasonable fee? I would estimate 1 finished hour taking 2 if not more, to complete.

I can do the calculations on how much its worth to me, no problem but am interested in your views. The finished product is for a fairly going concern market-wise.

Looking forward to your input.

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