I'm the voice for the MGM Grand at Foxwoods!

... and life is good!

Got the gig thru my agent, and it includes one :30 and two :15 spots. The team working on it were fantastic. Really creative bunch.

Actually had some pick-ups while visiting Sonoma.
Kinda cool to be in demand!

Joe J Thomas

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Update: Thanks to JS Gilbert for finding one of the spots on YouTube.

Here's a link to it if you're so inclined:

Joe J Thomas
I've seen your spot quite a few times now on local TV/cable. I'm about two miles down the road from Foxwoods here in North Stonington, CT.
Thanks Chuck - that's cool to know.

I'd love to hear one of my commercial spots "live" (as it were). Guess that's my next goal!

Have a good weekend,


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