I'm the voice for the MGM Grand at Foxwoods!

... and life is good!

Got the gig thru my agent, and it includes one :30 and two :15 spots. The team working on it were fantastic. Really creative bunch.

Actually had some pick-ups while visiting Sonoma.
Kinda cool to be in demand!

Joe J Thomas

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Good for you Joe :)

Best wishes,

Congrats, Joe!

I'll have to go to Foxwoods now ... and I'll tell 'em you sent me.

John Florian
Great Joe!
Here's my latest mini-triumph (or as Laura Kightlinger calls them Hollywood's Quick Shots of False Hope)

Hoo-ray for Dollywood!
Last week I voiced an acting part: "boss" in a cute multivoice regional radio spot for Dollywood's Splash Mountain. After the session the producers emailed me and asked me to audition for three announcer parts for 3 very different regional amusement attractions they also manage. I sent in the auditions. I booked all three. We recorded at a palatial LA post facility. This was one of the greatest validations I have had professionally as voice actor. (It was my Sally Field "They Like Me...they really like me" moment) I hope to have a long professional association with these folks. They were a dream to work with. The attitude of courtesy, proffessionalism and excellence was completely up to Dolly Parton's high standards.

A close friend in Hollywood, was told by a high powered studio boss: "Oh well.....this IS a thankless business". My friend shot back "You COULD start thanking people!"
So share your victories big and small on this discussion. Let's keep the attitude of grattitude flowing for each other. A kind word, compliment or a little bit of recognition can make all the difference to us creative types. You will be THANKful that I am shutting up now.
Thanks a bunch Stephanie, John, and John!

Kudos on the Dollywood gig, John T.

You're on the money - being nice, saying thanks and acting in a professional manner will make you a memorable commodity. There are more than enough divas out there...

I'm a firm believer that nice guys can finish first.

Go Team Nice-Guys!
Great Job, Joe! I'm a huge boxing fan, did they recently discontinue boxing at foxwoods?
Thanks Rick,

I'm not sure about boxing, but they have got a bunch of entertainers lined up.

Here's the main site fyi:
MGM Grand at Foxwoods

If I lived closer, I'd be there for the "Grand" opening tomorrow!
Congrats guys on all of your triumphs. I'm sticking close to you all with high hopes that your well deserved good fortune will rub off on me. :D

Well done.
Count on it... When I make it, there will be a big party at my mansion!

... just gotta decide which mansion to have it at...

Release The Hounds!,
Joe J Thomas
Heard you here in CT! Nice job on the spots!

- Amy Taylor
Hey Amy,

Wow! Thanks much - great way to start out a Monday...

Good to know they're on the air.

Hope you hava a fantastic week,
Joe J Thomas
Ok, I'm a day late and a dollar short, but Congrats to you Joe. That is great news. You do a hell of a job.
Thanks Eric and J.S.!

I was so excited about having a weekend off, I completely forgot how close you were J.S.
Thanks for the info on the odds - that's a great feeling!

I read one as Clooney and one as Leary, and the final spots ended up somewhere in the middle.
A little gravely with a touch of cool attitude...


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