Ok, I don't have a huge budget, or a ton of space. I am looking for suggestions for good, clean, accurate monitors. I have looked at some of the M Audio, Alesis, Samson, etc.. Any feedback on any of these would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you JS. I appreciate it. I will look into those. You wouldn't happen to have any input on KRK stuff would you?
Nope, no headace :-) I really do appreciate your input. I have told you before, I have a lot of respect for your opinion, and while hearing may vary person to person, I do appreciate your input. Is there an echo in here, or is that my studio monitors? :-)
The small KRK's problem that I've heard are that they're a little too bright and have a bit of a sizzle in the tweeters, rather than just sounding natural and open like a good Vifa dome or ribbon tweeter. That'll make your EQ too dark.

I use Tannoy PBM-8 II's in the studio, and a pair of JBL 4410A's in the living room. Both have great imaging and a natural high end. I've been especially pleased with the Tannoys, so be sure to check out the Reveal 6's and 8's. If I had no way to listen to monitors before buying, I'd still plunk down the cash for those and be confident I'd receive something good to mix on.

But, like J.S. said, it's a matter of taste too. And you never really know how a speaker's gonna sound until it's in your room. In the first room I had the Tannoy's in, I thought they had no bass. Now, in a different room, they have a little too much. I have a friend who has a pair of Reveal 6's that he never uses. In that room, he prefers his Alesis M1's. His mixes sound great. It's a matter of buying the best tool you can, and learning how to use it.

Plus, it helps to hedge your bets by listening on at least two sets of monitors. I mix at a slightly lower than moderate level on the Tannoys first, then check out the mix on a pair of small Realistic Minimus 7's. On them, I usually find that I can get away with boosting the music a little more. Then I go back to the PBM-8s and see if the mix still holds up. If the music doesn't seem like it's swamping the vocal, I go with that mix, and give it one final check in mono on a single Minimus 7 for that mono television experience. In the old days, I used the cue speaker in a Tascam reel to reel for that. If I have time, I'll also run the playback thru moderate compression and see if it still sounds ok with more compression such as might happen at the station. (Just an FMR RNC, not multiband.) If it still sounds good, the mix goes out.

I EQ very moderately and only my vocals are compressed. They get compressed once, on the way in. No multiband. I like to give everybody's Orban something to munch on. I know a lot of guys like it to leave the studio "sounding like it's already on the air," but IMHO that's too much processing. All that's fine for a demo, but to me it sounds like plastic thru an air chain. But to each his own.

Just some thoughts....

You should go somewhere and give the M-Audio BX5a a spin.....compact, inexpensive and will blow the windows out if you want to do that....and with clean, clear sound....I added a subwoofer to mine....but turn that off when I am editing and mixing...then turn it on to check the "woof" levels of my imaging and promo stuff....I like em'
Lots of people on here have them and love them.......

165.00 with free shipping right here....

Thanks Mike. That was one of the monitors I was thinking about. JS, I have heard that the KRK Rockit is exactly what you said: Sound great with music, but inaccurate with VO, so that is out.
Thanks for the input guys. As soon as I get my Voicemaster Pro sold, it's off to buy new monitors.


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