Hey everyone! I don't do a lot of these. It's not really my niche but when I do, my clients always seem to have to trouble getting the WAV or MP3 to work in their IVR or phone system. Is there a secret to this? I seem to be getting more of these kinds of gigs lately which is great but some clients are having trouble getting the audio to work correctly. Is there some magical secret that I am not aware of? :)

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Terry, there are soooo many different types of systems that it's hard to give you a pat answer. Some systems don't take wav or mp3 either but need vox files instead. Most of these systems aren't very complicated and they should have some sort of support they can use to find out what the problem is. They can even go in that closet and check out the unit and see if it has instructions directly on it.
Hey Terry!
Sorry this is so late...but like Mandy said, there are a myriad of different telephony files out there, and if you don 't know EXACTLY what type of file the client's system needs, the audio will sound like cr*p or won't even play at all.

It's NOT for you to figure out what the system needs, it's the client's reponsibility to provide that info to you...and often thay don't actually know WHAT type of file thay need.

Somes a quick Google search on their hardware's name will yield results, but mostly it's up tot them to tell you what they need.

Call if I can help!


My favorite (and most productive) approach to handling this situation is to ask the client for a sample file from their system. Once I have a file from their system I can figure out what format they need.
Well, yeah...THAT does make sense, doesn't it! ;-)
I do that as well...except when I get the response..."How do I do that?" oy.

Hi Terry,
I feel your pain. I don't think there is a secret answer to this problem. Most clients think you, the vendor, is the expert. So we better be. I'm lucky that I have already sold them a repeater. I'm a Premier Technologies Platinum dealer and we also sell Nel-Tech Labs. Which, by the way is not made out of plastic. Both MFG's use metal bullet proof boxes.
Anyway, if it's a true IVR (intregrated voice response) built into a CABX (computer assisted branch exchange), there is no box to stick the stick in. I can directly load from my studio thru the internet to their KSU (key service unit). Either way, I ask the client to go into their KSU room and tell me the name of the box. I also ask, who do you call when you add a new drop (telephone extension) or need service on the system, may I have their phone number. Then just call 'em up. Get the right guy and he knows every thing you need, probably off the top of his head.

This way, you look like you know what you're doing. (grin).

Best Regards


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