or is it impossible to find any info about this guy. He narrates "Modern Marvels" on History Channel. This guy, in my opinion is one of the best, if not the best, narrators I have heard. I have tried Googling the guy, and all that comes up is his IMdb profile. That doesn't give much info. Is there other work of his out there besides Modern Marvels?

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HOW COOL! You heard from Max or ahh Lloyd. You know who I would like to chat with on this site? MIke Rowe who does "Dirty Jobs" and I know he does the voice work on GhostHunters and I have heard him other places. Can't find him?

I wonder who he REALLY is (ie Max / Lloyd)

Yeah, Mike is another great one. Not only does he have a great voice, but the show gives the opportunity for his personality to really shine through. LOL, I went home the day that Max/Lloyd left this response and drove my wife nuts with the ..."oh man, you won't believe this...." stuff. I have honestly been admiring the guys work for a long time.
Harlan Sapperstein, LA based, narrates Modern Marvels.
He's my new VO hero. According to his website, he's done 400 episodes of Modern Marvels.

Here's his website.

Awesome pipes. Awesome delivery.


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