I've used the Zoom H4 for interviews and location sound but never thought about digging it out for a portable VO recorder. Anybody try the H4 for VO? The pres sound decent enough but I'm still getting used to turning my audio over to someone else for tweaking...i've always been much more hands on with all production elements...doing dry voice only is a new one for me :-)

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I commonly use the Zoom H2 -- it records a clean wav file in 24/48. I don't see the downside and there are no computer functions going on inside the recorder to create unwanted computer glitches (glitches are always unwanted aren't they?). The flash card is replaceable so there's nothing to wear out.
I have taken it on the road -- pairing it with the pre-amp of my old Sony pro-walkman, because the H2 doesn't have enough mic gain -- then downloading to a laptop for tweaking and processing.
JS---I never would have thought of the Treo app--that's genius. Cheers to you and Michael for the perspective. I tested the H4 today with the M-Audio Luna...it sounded very noisy in the phones except on the lowest gain settings...but on playback in the studio monitors when dumped to the Mac the midle gain setting sounded good. Gonna try the 3-inch speaker test on a couple of reads and give it a whirl.
This intrigued me so I just read up on it. That thing is crazy! If it's so great though, why don't more people have it? That is fantastic about being able to record and send w/ the phone app. I'm skeptical since I haven't heard what it sounds like but the audio engineer in me says that if it's great for recording instruments and can multi track...that makes it kinda sexy ;).
I have an H4, and I LOVE IT!!! It is AWESOME! I use it on the road for auditions, and I only use the built in mics for that many of the times. I used it at Voice 2008 for a couple of interviews on the Voice Overs on Demand podcast with Terry and Trish. If you listen to the podcast with pick ups from Voice 2008, my interview, and the one with Deb Munro were done on my H4 with the built in mics, and the other interviews were done with Trish's Rode mic. The quality is AWESOME!!
This thing is really heady. JS, did you record, edit in the 'puter, put it back on the chip then email from phone? Seems too good to be true.

Robert, I just listened to that podcast last week and thought all was great, sound-wise. Now I'll be going back and listen again just to make sure you're telling the truth.

Seriously, I want to try one of these out. Way to go, Joe, getting me all gear obsessed.
Mandy, I loooove the H4. I've used it for eveything up to and including phone interviews. (I did it low-tech style, SM58 jammed into the earpiece...heh. Thank god it was just a print interview!) It even has amp modeling and guitar FX.... I tested these bells and whistles by playing the riff from Nirvana's "School" with the nastiest reverb/distortion combo I could find. The results made for an acceptable guitar sound if you lived in Seattle circa 1993.

Best thing I like about the H4--3 gain levels, you can deselect the compressor on the mic pre and customize the input levels. There is some hoop-jumping to navigate but once you're used to it, it's fine.

DId I mention that there's MIC MODELING on this damn thing?
JS--what kind of video work are you doing? Sounds like you've got a complete production setup going there...nice. I've never used After Effects....am tempted to buy it for several reasons, there seems to be a market for AE stock projects I wouldn't mind tapping into.

The last time I did anything complicated was with AVID Media Composer using nested effects but that's been a while now. I have Adobe Premiere and FCP...need to dust them both off and get back into visual work, I do miss it, though I do NOT miss lugging all the camera gear.


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