I've decided to use the program Audacity over Garaqeband because Garageband doesn't allow you to change file size and sample rate parameters required for Voice123.com!

Installation was no sweat, but I have to add the LAME MP3 encoder and the necessary file (libmp3lame.dylib) is nowhere to be found in the LAME directories!

These setbacks are driving me crazy! I just want to plow through auditions and get some gigs! I hope my newfound VO Universe comrades can help me get this ball rolling!

Hit me back if you can help! Thanks, everyone!

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Hi Gordo

I too had this problem with Audacity and still have yet to locate the mysterious LAME MP3 encoder. Instead I downloaded a trial version of Twisted Wave and have found it much easier to use and it does everything I need it too without having to search for extra files on the net. I plan to purchase when my 30 day trial is over is up. Let me know if you ever do find that file!

Good luck with your auditions
Oh yeah, I found it. And I wasted a whole day getting it to work too.

Not only that, I have to learn a whole new program. It's a real drag starting out. I need a ram upgrade, I need to pick the right program, make demos, find work and get all of it done asap!

We should just get a bunch of local NY VOers together and leg-up each other to get us all up and running, b/c as soon as I'm done, I'm not looking back, I'm going to audition like crazy and make it in this business!

I've got the talent, but the tools are not working with me yet.
do you still need help? email erik@soundanswer.com

He can hook you up.
Thx, I'll give him a shout! I need a bit of help.
Hi there,
I use Audacity and like it alot. I went online and downloaded the Lame file that it needed and put it in the Audacity folder and it found it and works fine. Google the file type and you should find one you can download. It is for converting files to an .mp3.
Good luck!
You can download your file to Itunes and save it as an MP3 file. It worked for me.


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