I was just wondering how the current economic woes has or may effect your VO career? I know the elite in the business (those at the top) will survive, but what about those of us at the bottom or middle of the voiceover ladder?
1) Do you think businesses will start cutting back on advertising?
2) Will we see VO fees drastically drop as bottom lines fall?
3) Is it safe to invest in new equipment, or is it better to keep what you have and rent a studio if more is necessary?
4) Is this opening or closing opportunities?
5) If you're not affiliated with an agency or union, will it become progressively harder to get substantial work?

Just a few questions (I am sure there are many more) that give me concern as I move forward in this industry.

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This a great posting and so many people as you mention are wondering about these issues and how it will affect our VO industry. I'm of the mindset, that the "mass consciousness" is merely an energetic and that one can buy into it or not. Our political leaders are selling fear and doom, however, we have a choice to get caught up in that mentality OR remain balanced, smart and centered. Whatever happens will happen... it's not really in our control and I for one will be optimistic for whatever voiceover opportunities arise out of this situation. I can only do the best that I can do given the circumstances. People will continue to watch tv, go to the movies, surf the web and listen to the radio... just LOOK at all the VO opportunities!...:)

As to your questions...
1) Who knows, does it really matter...
2) I won't work for free
3) Remain cautious and question purchases beforehand... "do I want or do I need" (don't rationalize... be honest)
4) There are ONLY opportunites
5) It just means working a little smarter... not harder

Thanks for the opportunity to chime in. Best of Success and Prosperity to ALL of US!

Cheers mates,

Great information and sound advice. Thank you


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