what audio program would you recommend? Reason or Pro-tools (PC)?

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what audio program would you recommend? Reason or Pro-tools (PC)?

What are you gonna do with it? Record your voice and send it to a producer who will then polish it - or do you have a reason or need to perform some heavy duty, sophisticated production magic?

Some of us need only a basic recording program while others of us do a lot of production and have a very real need for something more sophisticated. Your needs or your interests should determine your recording program. Even the freebies and cheapies are sufficient for what most of us really need. After all, digital is digital.
Aaaaaaamen brother! I reluctantly use my PT on the road but only record into it and then pull it into Cool Edit Pro for all editing I need to do. Sooooo much easier and user friendly! I'm finding more and more voice talent are getting away from PT because it's overkill for what we do.....

I have posted this before, but it bears repeating. Pro Tools is for recording multiple tracks of music, and lock to picture post production. But for recording mono voice tracks...it is like digging a post hole with a backhoe. It is not the right tool for voice over recording!

If you are doing complex production, then you are not a voice actor, you are a radio producer who does not yet discern that there is a huge difference in the two arts. Using a producer's skillset will kill you as a voice actor. If you don't know what I am talkling about........keep reading these forums....but that is a digression for a MUCH longer answer!

For mac, I recommend Twisted Wave. ( www.twistedwave.com) Eighty bucks. Works with core audio. It will do everything you need; nothing you don't. For recording VO tracks, doing simple cleanup, and converting to a specific file type (please tell me you guys are NOT using mp3 for professional quality work!!!!) and saving for upload.....this is such a great tool. It will load in 2 seconds. It will do in one keystroke, what PT does in six or seven. It will not break everytime the OS updates.

Again, If you need the capabilities of ProTools, then you are primarily a producer, not a voice over performer.

For PC I think Sony Sound Forge is the best tool out there. But for most voice over talent, the stripped down version, called Sound Forge Studio is more than enough.

Pro Tools requires an engineering department to keep it running. It also requires that you have a dedicated machine that is ONLY for ProTools, and is not connected to the internet. (The Digidesign reps will admit this, though their sales guys will not). Leave ProTools to the big commerical post production houses. For them it is absolutely the right tool for the job. For a voice talent in a home studio the only reason you could possibly have to run PT is because you feel like it makes you seem "big time." Maybe you feel like it legitimizes your liitle bedroom setup. Okay, if you must. But it will stop working without warning, and cause endless unnecessary nightmares. There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth, and jobs that won't get finished because of Digidesign issues.

Pro Tools or Logic, if you are a big post production studio, or a musician recording multiple tracks. But for home voice over recording, both are unbelievably complex, and come with a raft of inherent nightmares that you should never have to wrestle with.

Well, you asked.

Beau Weaver
You're right, I did ask! HA! The reason I asked about PT and Reason 4.0 is that I also compose my own music (my first gig in life) and didn't know if using those programs would eliminate a step in the mixing process. But I get what you say, I can use much less complex programs for the dry voice overs and PT for my loops.

I suppse that mixing the two together would be more of a job for the gig's engineers than me as a VO.

Still a newbie, got my pampers on...


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