Has anyone ever had a 416 just STOP WORKING? Mine went had a little fit around 2 months ago....some terrible crackling. But after a couple of light raps on the side..it stopped and never did it again. I unhooked it for the first time ever, packed it up and brought it to LA with me. Was ready to use it....plugged in...and NOTHING. Other mics worked fine..it's def the mic. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I don't know if it's a wiring issue...BUT...can anyone suggest to me if I should send this to Sennheiser or can I get it worked on somewhere HERE in the US?? I bought it used a long time ago so I have no warranty>>>yikes! Anyone that can offer ANYTHING on this would be hugely appreciated.

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you know where I live.....you're welcome to hop into my studio if you need to cut somethin'. You can cut anything in my booth except "the cheese".
I thought about doing JUST "THAT" when I was in your booth the other night. But I didn't know if that was appropriate my first time in there>>>>
PS in a pinch you can always rent a 416 while in Hollywood
I haven't had THAT happen, but my TB202 pre just plain STOPPED working this week, no power at all to the unit. NO CLUE what happened. WTF?

On the other hand, crackling, and a sudden non-functional mic sounds like a loose wire to me or a bad solder point. Stupid question, but did you try it with a different mic cable?
i didn't try with a different cable because i don't have a different one wiht me....but i tried a different mic with the same cable and it worked fine>> i agree..WTF?? lol...i am going to have it looked at, at guitar center probably when i get back home>>
Caryn Clark was having a similar problem.

I wouldn't trust any local place to work on that mic. You should really contact Sennheiser, and see what they say.

The 416 is more rugged than a large diaphragm condenser, but is FAR more fragile than a dynamic. Bumps, jostles, even a strong puff of air can really screw up that shotgun. I've also had issues with the 416 in really humid conditions.
My personal preference for preservation is simply, TURNING THINGS OFF. Preamps, processors and mics will eventually age, but for simple preservation... give em a break, turn off the equipment from over heating and tuck the 416 for a good nights sleep:)
I was always of the mind set that pulling the cord, taking it out of the mount putting it in the box...etc.....was too much jostling all the time.....I always kept/keep a wind screen over it which I viewed (kinda) as the same as being in the case. And I do turn everything off....I turn EVERYTHING on with one switch....and start seeing FPL dollar signs thru my cheap eyes right away...lol...so I crank everything down the second I know I am done.....but perhaps a good nights rest in it's own bed is a better idea. When/if I get if fixed...I will starting being a better dad. Maybe even read to it afer I place it in there. Thanks or the input...I believe I'm gonna use the advice...=)


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