Ok, you have your demos together, maybe even have an agent or two. You are getting some auditions, but haven't really gotten anywhere. What do you do to keep yourself motivated? How do you keep from getting frustrated? How do you keep from throwing in the towel?

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Frustration comes to visit daily, especially for one with a "workaday" background (like me) used to making money the old fashioned way (aka job). I often rely on knowing my niche is out there, I just haven't found it. The cold call thing kicks my tail, so I try to go face to face whenever possible. I teach an introduction to voice over class as well as speech and diction recertification for teachers within the community college system here at home, it gives me something kind of steady. A weekend gig at a local hotel desk as well. But mainly, I just have to shake it off and get on with it. Remember, lots of great Industrialists, Financiers, and Actors and VO people were in the pits before the big time....keep your eyes on the prize!
Hey Wade! Thanks for turning me on to this site. A great tip
The big secret to voice-over succcess nobody's talking about is that the most successful careers are not built by auditions alone nor are they built on "the big one" (the huge booking). They are built over many years by taking good care of your clients and making sure they keep coming back for repeat business again and again. Auditions coming from agents should be only a tiny part of your VO marketing efforts. Sitting around waiting for those auditions and then not booking them is enough to make anyone depressed! If you are serious about making this your full-time career, you have to approach it like a business, and that means generating leads just like any other business through networking, targeted mailing campaigns and internet lead generation via targeted ad word campaigns to landing pages. Almost nobody wants to do this work because it isnt "sexy" or what drew us to this business in the first place, but those who crack the marketing code can become hugely successful. The old model of waiting for agents to do it for you, just wont work in today's voiceover world. Good luck!


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