The seething sea ceaseth,
and as the seething sea subsideth
many men must munch much mush.

(Believe it or not, this is from a book on the Bates method of improving your eyesight. It's about coordination, the author said.)


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That's a tough one! I had a hard time with the first line.

I like the easy ones...

Unique New York, Unique New York, Unique New York......
i have hard time with the last line! That's why I keep practicing it.

..munch, much, mush....

I had trouble looking at it, much less speaketh-ing
shall we all go the pub one day, down a few and then give it a try! (Ha,ha!)

That's really neat, Stef :)

I tried writing a tongue twister earlier this week on VOX Daily and know that while it's fun to use alliterations, it's hard to arrange the words together so that they flow rhythmically (and in meter) as well as relate to each other!

Thanks for sharing that. I hadn't read that one before.

Best wishes,

Thanks for your comment Stephanie! I'll try to list another tongue twister soon.

Well here is one for you that consists of only 2 words....This is actually more of a...LIP twister I am thinking...

5 times (or more) at medium to fast pace:

"Toy Boat"
Gosh that's hard. so simple, but hard! I'll go and practice it some more. :D
I heard once that a national news anchor actually put small pencil erasers, like ones you can break off the end of a pencil, in her mouth. She would put a whole mouth full in, looking kind of like a chipmunk storing up its gathering with puffy cheeks, etc., wait a few minutes or so, then spit them out. I guess this loosens up the muscles of the mouth and takes care of excess moisture. This apparently helps articulation and annunciation. I would not recommend this unless you are of sound mind, not on any medications, have someone with you, and a phone close by just in case. It would probably be best to do it with your head bent forward over a sink the whole time. Don't want to choke! Has anyone ever heard of this before?
No way Jose! That one sounds a little scarey! :D
That eraser exercise could really bother someone with latex allergies as well! I couldn't believe how how the toy boat one was.

Yeah Mike! The latex allergy issue It doesn't even bear thinking about! I'll be back later with some more twisters...

Oh, in the meantime -- here's one that I learned over here from a friend while at a pub one evening...

red lorry, yellow lorry, blue lorry

Cheers gang!


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