Does anyone know who voices all the Bravo promos (or most of them anyway)?? The young 20 - 30 something guy...??

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Hey Mike,

Rick Gomez is your man. He's the Bravo voice for all the reality shows like Project Runway, date my ex, top chef, etc. He's got a fabulous way of teasing the audience and promising you all the delights of seeing the contestants suffer. He doesn't know it but he's one of my promo idols - you can learn so much from listening to him. Hope this helps........James
Excellent....thank's James...It was just curiosity that made me wonder>>> hmmm...I guess that mainly what CURIOSITY DOES...haha...Thanks again!!!!
I actually like that guy's work, he sorta has one read for everything but it works. As someone once said "ah he's a one trick pony, but it is one hell of a trick!.
I voice promos for Bravo, The Weather Channel, Lifetime Channel, WE women's entertainment channel, PBS, and NBC.


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