Hi Everyone,

Although I'm a newbie here, I wanted to share a picture of the set my audio drama group uses out here near Magic mountain. I'm currently mulling over the idea of doing a show in LA and would like to know if any area members would be interested. We would use live sound effects al la Mercury Theatre style. looking forward to hearing from everyone.

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WOW! That looks nice! Would love to but Live in Michigan at this time. Good luck though.

That looks like crazy fun!
My schedule is screwed right now, so I wouldn't be able to promise participation, but I'd love to see the show if you get it set up.
I'll let you know, and everyone else here at VO Universe.
Looks great. Are you familar with the award winning group in Kansas City that does live radio-theatre called, "Right Between the Ears"? If not, you should check them out. www.rightbetweentheears.org. One of their members, Roberta Soloman is a member of voiceover universe. Thought you might enjoy the contact.
-Derek Chappell
The Voice of Your Business
Thanks Derek, I'll check them out.
I checked out RBTE website...too much FUN. That's similar to what I'm trying to shape my group the Santa Clarita Playhouse into. I'' get in touch with Roberta this weekend. Thanks for the tip!
let me know how to get involved...PPPPLLLEEAASSEE
Yes, I'm quite interested in getting involved with this...its right up my alley! What must I do to be involed?

Ladie Mo$t...
It looks interesting!

Where are you thinking of doing this in LA? Are you planning on doing this under an Equity 99 seat contract?

Yes, the Equity 99 seat contract seems the best way to go. I'd like to hook up with with a charity organization, maybe, a benefit for the Actors' Home. What do you think? Would be great to have some of the best in the VO Universe lending their voices to something like that.
How about the Senior Care Program that is within the Actors Fund?
Hey Jason,
I am a huge fan, collector and student of classic radio drama. The best of the best were...."Suspense!"...."The Saint" w/Vincent Price and my favorite..."Richard Diamond Private Detective",Starring Dick Powell, and Ed Begley written and directed by Blake Edwards.. most were produced about a half mile from my apartment at the Columbia Square CBS facility at Sunset and Gower (opened in 1937 still standing) or NBC radio west at Sunset and Vine (alas torn down) The CBS facility has been vacated and will be turned into a a mixed retail/residential/hotel complex. The main building, the Streamline Center will remain in all it's art deco glory. This summer the outdoor courtyard was used for an art exhibit.....I wonder if a live radio drama could be staged there? Who knows? Maybe Blake Edwards would like to see one of his old Richard Diamond scripts come back to life for a good cause! Any-hoo if you need someone who can be plugged into the journeyman parts that William Conrad or Paul Frees would have taken in the glory days of radio drama let me know when and where and I'll be there. I attached an episode of Richard DIamond for fun. Enjoy!


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