Hey all,
My first post! I was wondering what some peoples experience has been with sites like Voicehunters? I used to be with Voices.com and Voice123 but found that there was a lot of low balling and cheap clients that wanted a lot for very little pay. It was also easy to get lost among the hundreds of other Premium voice talent. The good part is, the site only charges a couple of hundred bucks to be a Premium talent and you get all the auditions you want. Voicehunters charges much more and I wondered if it was worth it or can you just as easily get lost in the shuffle there too? Are the clients willing to pay more in general or will you still get the 5 minute narration for $50 request?
Which of these types of sites seems to be the best?

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Hey guys,
Thanks for the comments. Craig, I feel the same way about Voices123 and voices.com, although I think both are so super saturated it is crazy. And Oz, great idea about going to networking events locally. I have to admit, once I got my agents, I did slack off on the self promotion. I am getting back in gear and getting my new demo's out to the local studios so hopefully work will pick up again.
One other question I have for those out there with local agents: When you do get your own jobs locally, do you include your agent in the process or not? When I first started, I remember hearing it was a no-no to get local work and not give your agent a commission, even though they did nothing to get you that job. That seems silly to me. What do you all think?
Hi Shelly, I joined Voice123 first, then Voice over Directory, Voices.com, Voiceover Artistes and just recently VOPlanet. I never got anything from VO Directory & VO Artistes. I do get quite a bit from 123 & Voices. Haven't gotten anything from planet yet - but remain hopeful! Good Luck! Sincerely, Diane Merritt
I've found it's a numbers game, that's all. You can be the best voice talent and never get work from and of those sites, and vice versa. Audition audition audition. If you have time to do it, great. It's all perspective. I honestly don't have that kind of time. I have a very steady client right now that chose to use me because i'm fairly local and very dependable. They used to use one of the casting sites, but they'd prefer not to. So now, I do everything for them. So to me, the best bet still is to market yourself directly to potential clients.

However, I think trying to get work anyway you can is a good idea. Voices.com has always been a great resource in my mind, and I really like the customer service. I don't know much about the others.
John, I agree totally. It is a NUMBERS GAME. Yes. So is auditioning in the "non internet world" with casting directors or auditions your agents give you either in person or on your email to do in your home studio. When one of my six agents sends me an audition, of course I'm going to try it. Bow out too much and that agent will kiss you good bye! And the internet sites are the same. You have to play the numbers game. Right on.
Take a look at www.vo.vu - that might be of interest to some of you.

Morten Mariani
Thanks for sharing. What's the catch with this place? Have you had any experiences with them? Do they take a %? They have to make their $$$ somehow :)
It's actually my work :-) And there is definitely no catch. I can promise you that.

The site is build on open source software and has a very cheap hosting plan. So there are practically no expenses.

You can read more about my project here: http://www.voiceoveruniverse.com/profiles/blogs/how-to-stand-out

Morten Mariani


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