Hey all,
My first post! I was wondering what some peoples experience has been with sites like Voicehunters? I used to be with Voices.com and Voice123 but found that there was a lot of low balling and cheap clients that wanted a lot for very little pay. It was also easy to get lost among the hundreds of other Premium voice talent. The good part is, the site only charges a couple of hundred bucks to be a Premium talent and you get all the auditions you want. Voicehunters charges much more and I wondered if it was worth it or can you just as easily get lost in the shuffle there too? Are the clients willing to pay more in general or will you still get the 5 minute narration for $50 request?
Which of these types of sites seems to be the best?

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Which site are you asking about, Shelly?

Sorry, I was asking about the voicesonlinenow.com site. It doesn't seem to have a "talent submit" area or I just didn't find it. I did see the one for voplanet and signed up to get the newletter and the list. I have done the voices123 and the voice.com sites before, and although auditions do come through, they are often for little money and so many people audition that the odds of getting the gig is slim. I want to see how some of the other sites are different. I really appreciate all the comments and great info.

To answer your question you can email me your demo. My email address is mackenzie@voicesonlinenow.com. I am glad you were able to find the site. We do not have a "talent submit" form on our site. We do not charge talent to be featured on our site.

Thank you,
Mackenzie Vick
No problem, Shelly. I think talent should check out every lead and sign with the agents who can do the most for them. You will see from our newsletter that the jobs we audition for and get are very legit high paying jobs with well-known clientele. I agree that using some of the smaller auditions on other sites is a great way to gain experience. Our site is designed for those with experience who are ready to jump into the big gigs. There is room for both!
i can tell you from personal experience, voicesonlinenow.com = good people. and i don't say that just because they sought me out when they put together their own talent pool, having enjoyed working with me through another casting entity before.

while i can't claim i'm anywhere near their top biller, they did put me into a season's worth of radio and tv spots for the utah symphony last year as a quirky storyteller/announcer, along with a few other gigs since. they are a joy to work with and pay well and promptly.

Hi Shelly,

Have you looked at our site, www.voplanet.com? We get auditions that pay really well. Go to our site and sign up to get the latest newsletter that tells what jobs and auditions we have posted lately.

All the best,

Donna Summers
I find these sites are a kin to a sausage factory often where price only dictates who wins. As a Equity Member and professional artist with over 10 years experience I prefer to focus on quality and service, both at a competitive rate. Not giveaway voiceovers....cheap, cheap cheap!
Hey...I'd love to hear your take on the pay to play sites and how voices.com compares to vo planet. I am considering the possibilities, but want to make a wise choice with my $. They definitely aren't a cheap option if they don't work. Thanks!
Hi Shelly and everyone, it's been a while since I've posted, but my thoughts on voice123.com is that although I've been on the site for 2 months and have got a lot of auditions and no gigs yet, it's a great place to practice and find out what you can do and can't do.

I don't agree about the part where they want you to be highly selective. I get out there and try to stretch my boundaries, and who knows? I could land a gig doing aniimal voices instead of voicemail.

Yes, these clients are seeking great talent for cheap pay, but it's also great experience for your career, and who knows? Your voice could be next since clients are looking for fresh voices every day.

Just keep pushing, and you'll be rewarded greatly.

Hope this helps.

Good luck!

Mike Wagner
Good article, Todd,

Below is the kind of work a REAL talent agent can get you!

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I've booked a few jobs this year from both voices.com and voice123, they have paid me more than enough to cover the cost of being on the sites. In fact, two of the jobs covered the cost of my entire studio. For me the bottom line is, well, the bottom line, I'm turning a profit, so I'll keep using them. Yes, there are low-ballers, but you get some good to excellent projects, as well.

My .02$

Here's my experience with some of the sites, pay for play and otherwise.

Voice 123: Lot's of auditions, have gotten my money out of them to make it worth while. I did let my Premium Subscription die out for about a year. In that year of not even being active I received 3 private auditions from people searching the site. So, I am back on as a Premium Sub. due to the fact that while it is the home to many low-ball jobs, it also can hook you up with some really good ones as well. The one thing I feel you have to watch, is that some of the scripts have the potential to undo some good habits if you are not careful. That is something you have to be aware of for yourself.

Voices. Com: This one puzzle's me. While I am not the hottest ticket in VO, I am getting work and some of it for Nationally known clients. With Voices.com though I have only received one bite! Part of the problem I am told is that for every job there may be 2 to 4 hundred or more seeking the same spot. The chances of your audition even being listened to is iffy at best. I read a comment from the #1 on their favorites list that he is being blessed with many jobs. He also said he is sure that his ranking in the stats if helping him immensely. I'm sure it is and I wish anyone in this business or any other business for that fact continued success. It is frustrating though. I have found for me personally I need to get picky as to what jobs I audition for and not get into a gunfight with others by just slinging the reads out there as fast as they come in. Despite my not getting anything, for the time being I will continue on with Voices. The economy may have something to say as to that though.

Commercial Voices: Well if you can't say anything good about something, say nothing at all. I think you get my drift?

Voice Hunter.com: I love the people I deal with there. Gabrielle, Eric, Chris, all of them just fantastic. I have recieved several auditions and pulled in some great work. Nothing that's sending me me whistling to the bank, but enough to keep my interest. Very knowledgable folks that take the time to talk to you and give sound solid advice. They have never promised me anything and have never tried to sell me on something that they do not think I am ready for. That's refreshing to say the least.

ASE Talent Management: Just signed on with them, but Terri is seems to be a very experienced person with some great advice.

Voicesonline: Just started with them so I will reserve comment on them at this time. I must say though that Ms. Vick is always there to take time to answer questions or concerns. That is a real plus and much appreciated feature. I look forward to working with people like this.

I also have two other talent agencies that I have signed on with. Both are very helpful and have good connections. I just booked a job with the one from Milwaukee for a national radio spot. Great people that really try to help one promote their career.

My fingers are out of breath, so what I have put down is strictly my opinion and some may disagree. But then there fingers can start talking if they do.



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