This is a discussion to facilitate the best strategies for voice talent marketing to enable those starting out or some who have hit a dry spell, to begin enjoying success of having steady work. All ideas, hilarious stories and all that are helpful are welcome.

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Congrats, Joe!
Joe & Rick,

Thanks for your input. Glad you had a great week. We need to display some practical steps that will be helpful so that the high's can be "high" so that the slumps are not completely devastating. I'll put myself out there for example. Even though I had one national spot, it did not pay very much. In fact, if I were to quote my best month, most of you guys would "lol"! But I want to move to that next level, as do others, where the good weeks & months could actually pay some bills off, rather than just buy some food.
So we need beginning, intermediate & advanced level marketing steps specifically listed in this discussion forum.

The best way I know to position myself for steady work is to find out what the customer's expectations are and EXCEED them. Superserve the customer and position yourself for repeat business. This rather obvious strategy keeps the work coming on a STEADY basis.
John Tayler has a great point because that is what will make them come back or recommend you to the next client. I have worked hard to get in the door with several local production companies. The work fluctuates but I know they will call me when they need something and their highs and lows vary so there is always work from one of them. And while it's not big stuff, the big stuff is only occasional, it's enough to keep paying the mortgage.
This year has been a blessing in diguise. The last several years I was so buisy doing car ads for several agencies down south that I had little or no time to market. A dangerous situation. This year, with the dramatic fall-off in auto advertising, I'm suddenly finding myself with plenty of time and a real need to get out there and market, network and reach out to anyone and everyone that I might be able to serve.

While it's easy to be disappointed at the reduction in the work flow, the good news is that all of my clients are still in business and sending me work...just not as much. Things will one wants to give up and go away. I'm diversifying my client list, finding new work, learning new marketing techniques and...exciting for me...attending a workshop this fall to get some long needed coaching/ass kicking.

Bottom-line? The temporary lemons will yield a long-term supply of lemonaid.

If you want it bad enough you work hard enough to make it happen.
We're having some trouble with that issue here in Brasil.
We have to many BAD people in the market, after the INTERNET BOOM.

Some advertisers, even serious ones, are more and more, hireing bad professionals, forcing the good ones to lower down their prices to still keep themselves in the market.

Today ai work 3 times more, to make the same amount of money i used to 4 years ago.
Know yourself - and where you fit in the market. Uncover, discover, develop and get to know the people in that market who have the money and hire talent. Then prepare a demo that showcases your skills. And finally get it into the hands of the people who want to buy what you have to sell.



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