Get LOOPY - ADR/DUBBING isn't as easy as you think

How many ways can you die? Do you know what it sounds like when you jump out of a plane? Can you sound like you've just been punched? Can you turn Japanese into English? Then you just might be ready for ANIME

Creating characters can be a very complex thing as it is....but when doing ADR/Dubbing/Looping (Automated/Automatic Dialogue Replacement) when you match your voice to the animation on the screen, it can get even more complex.

This is a craft and you need to be good at to do it! The majority of your session will be spent on reax (reactions) and fighting scenes or movement scenes. It can be extremely difficult to watch your screen and read your script at the same time. Even one slight mouth flap out and you need to redo it until it's 100% accurate

One of the challenges to ADR is reacting to the other persons lines in the scene. If you say the word 'Hello' to me, once I hear your intention I'll know how to respond, but if I don't get to hear your intention, then how I respond makes a big impact on how the other person delivered the line. The director seems gifted to know how we need to respond and keeps it all straight, even though he recorded 2 weeks ago.

Most Anime is performed originally in another language such as Japanese. Have you seen the way Japanese people talk? It would never match! They talk at a different speed and we have to take english words and match them to a cartoon and make it look like we said it first...NOT EASY.

Some are just amazing at this craft while others struggle. One thing is true though, the fans are truly amazing and insane all at the same time. They are truly addicted to the world of Anime, much like a star trek convention. Comic Con, Animethons etc. are amazing.....they dedicate much of their lives to this art. Most are in love with the graphics (not my thing personally, but they LOVE IT). They don't get paid for this, but it's because of them we still have work. Their passion and dedication to this craft is beautiful.

I've been blessed to work on a few Anime shows such as DragonBall/DragonBall GT "voice of Mai", Zeta Gundam and others and it's work! Pays less than original animation too.....I once inquired and they explained that the original artist put in all the work so they got paid the big bucks....but no matter what, ANIMATION is one of the best jobs in the world, whether anime or animation...

The best way to get into Anime is to join WALLA groups (Background performers in animation) This is sure to get you in the right doors. Research the anime fan dub sites (they know more about this stuff than we do) Find the production companies producing and just go for it.

There are also anime fan dub sites out there that allow you to volunteer for amatuer anime (fans who are producing their own anime). This is good to test the waters....some have even been scouted on sites such as these.

We offer an ADR/DUBBING class called Mic n Me - Getting Loopy, but i'm afraid you need to be in person for that one. Check out my site for more details in the workshops section for dates and locations.

All my best
Deb Munro
Voice Talent/Coach

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