Does anyone know of a good place to find scripts that I can practice with? Lengths of scripts do not matter, nor do the content. I would just like to start practicing while I am searching for a voice coach in the Kentucky area.


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Sometime JS speaks and I want to trademark his words.

I'm going to be the first to reserve these books at the public library so I too can learn something. Something. Please let me learn something.

Thanks I will check out those two books. I appreciate it.
Just go to
Remember though, these are great for practice and classes but don't use these scripts for demos. Many of the scripts that my students put together for demo come from here and I've been on it so many years I have most of them memorized....I won't let the students use these for anything but practice...and I wish they would put a disclaimer on their site....this is the only resource i know of like's a fantastic site and we thank them for posting all these great scripts of all genres.
Use original copy or take ideas from here (Demo purposes only)

Animation scripts are harder to find but there are many Anime Fan Dub Sites that you can find animation scripts. I tend to utilize the VOICE123 and sites and keep ALL the scripts for's worth it...and besides you might land a job....

Keep practicing, that's what's important
All my best
Deb Munro
Voice Actor/Coach
Very Cool! Thanks Debbie!


Thank you so much! This will sure help a lot on practicing getting used to speaking in front of the microphone. Thank you so much!!
Thanks for asking the question, Orion. I'm new too, so all of this will be a great help!
A simple thing to do is to run a recorder -- any type of recorder -- on radio and TV and flag the spots that fit your style. Transcribing the copy helps get you familiar with it -- and then you can practice...and develop styles.
Compare yourself with what the working pros are doing.
It's always good to work with a professional if that's possible.
He or she will always hear things you will never hear -- and point them out... and that's how you grow.
I have found workshops with other budding VO people are very effective because you get lots of opinions.
I have been looking for workshops lately, Just Lexington KY is not the mecca of VO work :) But I am going to branch out to other major cities.
I am happy to have been of help....great link to get scripts.
Michael is completely's very important to keep working at this with coaching...I don't mean to plug myself, but I happen to have the best solution...I coach an online/teleVoice workout for this exact reason. I teach online/by phone, more than I do in person these days and it works EXCELLENT.
I have phone patch so I'm able to record all including direction, we record it and upload for your instant review...this way you are learning in a group setting (only 6 people max per session for the workshops) and you are still in your PJ's. Remember, I don't need to see you, I need to hear you and if you can't convince me in person, if you can't convince me over the phone
I do run skype and offer webcam as well so that you can follow my actions if ever needed, but it's usually not necessary.
I have some fantastic options, but the one that suits your needs is the Mic 'n' Me - TeleVoice Workout held the last Wed of each month. There are two time slots to choose 2:00 p.m. and/or 8:00 p.m. EST. Each session is 2 hours long...
I recommend you work on current audition copy as well if you have the means to record yourself, or if you have an upcoming audition. Each person gets equal mic time and is catered to based upon their level. THis has been extremely successful
Learn more go to:
I only charge $75.00 per session so it's very cost effective. YOu get at least 2 times on mic and you will learn so much by hearing others
There are many great coaches and variety is this is just one option. Find the coach you want to work with and start from there. We all do private sessions as well so don't let location ever be your issue
I hope you'll find this helpful. If you need more coaches, let me know and I'll give you some referrals...
All my best
Deb Munro (one of the Voice 2008 presentors)


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