Just put together this little commercial parody to try and make you folks laugh.

I'd love to hear your feedback!

WARNING: R rated topic ...No children in the room.

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...well, I am glad to see you!

I was beginning to think that everyone in the Voice Over Universe had been abducted by aliens.
That was funny!

Thanks Mike ...this is what happens when I have too much time on my hands.
OMG, I wanted to be disgusted but then, strangely, I started thinking I needed something like this. Um, does it vibrate when new pornmail comes in.

(oh, I know, shouldn't have said that but, well, I do vo, I'm not easily quieted!)
I'm just glad I didn't disgust you. After posting this ...my after thought was that it may be offensive ... too many hours spent amidst the "FM Morning Show" mentality.

Thanks for taking this in the spirit in which it was intended!

Wouldn't it me somethin' if replying to your comment could somehow make your laptop vibrate?
Okay ...all you computer programmers, lets make this happen! Ha ha
I love it.
I wasn't an IPhone kinda person. But now............. hmmm might have to look into that. :)


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