I'm thinking about joining one of if not a few of these voice for hire sites. Does anyone have any advice or thoughts about them?

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Hi Ed,

Like anything else in life, I think you get out of it what you put in to it. Keep those demos current, make sure it's your best work, and audition-audition-audition!
I'm not wildly or mildly famous but it pays for itself and I have regular customers from it.
I am picky picky picky about what I audition for....If it looks fun I go for it!
This week I booked a comedic read for an online cartoon, a VOG live announce gig for an awards show in LA that will broadcast to 10 million households and a radio station wants to sign me to a monthly retainer to do imaging. A great week and it's only Tuesday!!! (don't let my banner week intimidate you either, I have been at this game since 1983!) ED Know what you do best, go for those jobs. If you want to test yourself in new arenas of voice acting, listen to the demos of working actors who are represented by the top talent agents on Voicebank.com Learn what the market is for your talent and get the best demo possible made and posted online when you are ready for it. Auditioning "as practice" can lower your rating as a talent in these marketplaces. There's my free advice.....good luck....and we're all rooting for ya!

So glad to hear these responses, with fresh perspectives, viewpoints, and positive outcomes that I'd not yet heard...even dispelling myths. Thanks for your answers and to Ed for posing the question. Continued success to all!
You should know that simply being on the site won't get you work. You need to work at it, which means many, many auditions. So if the timing isn't right for you to apply yourself to doing lots of auditions then you shouldn't put down the money yet. The sites are useful but, like anything, you have to be willing to use them.
I've had far more success on Voices.com than Voice 123. Just got another one today. For almost a year, I didn't get anything and now I am hot! Ha!
I'm tellin ya...it's that new mic....no matter WHAT kind of mic it is...if you like the sound...it fuels the esteem and desire...hmm...something to think about...winning auditions -- largely frame of mind??? And I would love to know what you got this week from Voices...must be something you BEAT me out of...cuz I was even auditioning from Voice...hang over and all.....got one....submitted probably 30....

I average around 3 to 4 a month from them but don't audition every day....but when I do...I spend the whole day breaking away from my ongoing work to do those auditions almost immediately after they post....
WOW. Thanks EVERYBODY!!!!!! These responses were great and definitely have steered me into what I should and WILL do.
I can't wait to get started. Thanks again!!!
Oh...keep em coming if you've got more insight!!!
You also want to make SURE you are getting a good sound out of your home studio.....if you are NOT...your auditions could sound weak and brittle...or strong and muddy against the others. If you want to send me a file from your home studio I will be more than happy to listen and give you some pointers or tips on what you MIGHT need...msg me off the board if you want to do that. HUGELY important to have clean sounding audition
I think everyone has hit the mark. I still believe it's a fantastic site for experience/education. You are correct J.S. Gilbert that they aren't getting guidance as they practice these scripts but there isn't many other places they can go to get these kinds of scripts EVERYDAY with the hope that one might pan out. 75% of my client database was drawn from Voice123 and Voices.com

The bottom line is that in the beginning, this is a great way to learn how to edit, to direct yourself (as long as you're taking some good coaching along the way), upload, write cover letters, find coaches, talk to other talent, network, pitch...I could go on and on....

I know that lately Voice123 has been taking some hits....the new ratings system is not going over well and it seems unanimous that many are preferring voices.com over voice123. I know the owners of Voice123 and i'm sure they are listening and always evolving so just know that these sites are constantly trying to improve to help you out and make themselves a business. Both companies are filled with wonderful staff and the owners care about the results.

YOu have to do what is best for you....this is great to do, but make sure that you're also proactive in your local market, your training (constant training in the beginnning people), your networking and land agents. The ultimate goal should be agency representation....you can have one in each state or province! Finding them is the hard part. Get yourself connected. Participate in many things....find great coaches/talent that will give you referrals, but most importantly BE READY!

I love both the sites, but I'm at a point in my career I just don't have the time to audition there anymore.....so you will eventually do the same I'm sure. There is some AMAZING talent on these sites so keep this in mind when you are auditioning. YOu're going against people who may want it worse than you so don't get discouraged. It's just the world testing you to see if you really want it. Landing the job is important yes, but the call backs and short lists and moving forward are what matter most.....if you love what you do, the money will follow.

Look for my podcast on making money, not excuses. I've posted it on my network site here (Mic n Me) and on my website www.MicnMe.com I'll talk to you about making money from home...so there is no more excuses....

Good luck and great work everyone with your candid answers.

All my best
Deb Munro
Thanks so much DM. Great info, and I will be checking on your site
From what I heard from talking to folk, this is what I gathered.

If you are a full time VO talent, you can definitely secure business from VOICE 123. I understand that the site is so saturated that if you are not one of the first to turn stuff around, you may find yourself not getting any gigs at all.

So it seems timing is important. If you are working as a partime talent and therefore may not check your email as much or cannot readily access a studio, you may find yourself frustrated with the site.

if you got the money to spare, it may not be a bad thing; but if your budget is tight, you may want to wait b4 giving it a try... Again if you do it, just make sure you are on top of your game


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