Does anyone have one of these? It looks awesome!

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I do. I actually am using it right now in my main rig, though of course it's made for the road.

I use the Centrance Micport Pro w/ a Shure KSM27 and a Harlan Hogan Porta-Booth. Like Doug, it's part of my main rig... actually my home studio is what most established voice artists would use on the road, but that suits me fine for now. 2 thumbs up on the Micport Pro from me!!
I use it for my "On the Road" setup with my H2 Porta-Booth.
LOVE. IT! Light & easy to use & pack & carry!
Does this work with any software then? I would LOOOOOOVE to not have to use Pro-Tools on the road (or at all for that matter).....i'm always bouncing stuff down from my PT (M-Box Mini) and editing in CoolEdit Pro because it's sooooo much easier. The M-Box doesn't work with anything but PT, it would be great to record directly into CEP! I use Cool Edit in my home studio but when i go on the road my mixer is too big to bring along so I take the dreaded M-Box because it's much smaller.

Also, I have a question for you Porta-Booth users: How on earth do you read a script? I mean, you're talking into a box!!! Maybe it's just me but I bought all the components about a year ago, put it together and immediately got frustrated trying to read from my laptop screen while talking into the mic. I guess reading off a piece of paper would work better but then what's the point of calling it portable when you have to add another piece of equipment with you on the road (printer)? If one of you has a solution i might consider trying it again, but for me it wound up being a waste of time and money so far.....

I'm open to your thoughts! --Trish
Hey Everyone,

The Mic Port is the greatest thing I have discovered for mobile VO in a long while. It sounds so good it makes me mad that I paid so much for my home set-up. I use it with my laptop that I take on the road....a Macbook. It works with any software that I have tried to use....except Pro Tools, which is what I use at home with a Digi 002 bx. It works great with Garage Band, which comes on any Mac standard....I have also used the MPP with Soundtrack Pro. I am sure it works with most anything in the Mac world. I know some that have had minor issues getting the Mic Port to work well with Source Connect on their PC's. But on a Mac....plug and play. Easiest piece of gear I have ever used for my mobile set-up.

Good luck!
I picked mine up last weekend (well, they had to ship it so it finally came yesterday) and already love it and it's still in the box! I like that there isn't any latency issue since the cans plug right into it. I can't wait to finish setting up my portable gig and pretend I'm going on vacation! Trish, it's supposed to be fine with Cool Edit. I'll let you know when I finally set it up.
I have one on the way....I recommend that you get one from George Whittam...and please tell him I sent you...he offered me a 30 day guarantee on it...doesn't look like I will be using THAT..haha..have heard lots of good things about it....

Trish...there is more than likely going to be a problem with it working with doesn't work wth all software. But it is usually an ASIO issue...and I beleve there is a website somewhere that you can download a fix for it...or just get Twisted Wave>> 80.00 I think..for your MAC and forget ProTools already. Are you producing a Madonna album??? lol....anyway....I love CEP/Adobe Audition too...I am going to have to find a work around...keep in touch and I will tell you how I did it~~~

Remember George Whittam and "tell em MIKE ELMORE SENT YA"!~
I wish I had time to get it from George...but I do LOVE mine. You will too, Mike. Congrats on your fab purchase and addition to your audio family.
Hey Terry,

I use a CEntrance Micport Pro with my Neumann TLM-103 (which I understand is your mic too!) and a H2 Porta-Booth. This is my "on-the-road" setup, (readings script from my iphone)

You should get one, it works great with Adobe Audition 3. It's very light and easy to use. And it's also a good way to solve an emergency if you're having trouble with your main audio interface.

Good luck!

Jorge Velasco


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