Anyone have any qualms/thoughts about the Audio Technica 2020? Would love to hear what you think as an entry level mic up against the big boys...

Thanks in advance...


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I have one. It's not bad. A little noisy, but the mic's 100 bucks, so hey.

I don't really use it unless I need a second mic for some reason. But it is solid for the money.
Wow! What great reviews this AT2020 has brought over the last couple of years! I decided to use it for an audition for radio imaging. I ran it through my Tascam audio interface, tweaked it a little by pre-mixing through a mackie mixer and recorded it on Adobe Audition and WHAM! Got a great response and landed the gig! Hmmm....maybe I'll just hang on to this bad boy after all!
Thanks for your reply Brad!

I built my home studio two years ago I, and the AT-2020 was the first mic I purchased. It really sounds pretty darn good! And you can't beat the price! The AT-2020 is now available in USB.

Brett Provo
The only mics I TRUELY like better tend to be more expensive. You could compare with the RODE NT1a, AKG Perception 220, and M-Audio Luna.


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