I am brand new to voiceovers and I really want to make this my career. I know that your demo is one of the most important things that you can have as a VO artist but I'm not sure where I should go to make one. I'm not sure if I should get some training first or should I just go ahead and get my demo done. I live in the metro Detroit area. Please let me know what your experence tells me I should do to get started.

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I am just beginning, but think some training is a good start, then a demo when you're ready. I am sure people will expound on this and give you further input.
Good luck! Nice to network with other Michiganders!


Training is important if you plan on being successful as a Voice Actor. You may already have a terrific voice and great delivery, but there's so much more to our industry than those important attributes. To know how the business works and learn more about working with a producer, home recording, and marketing yourself, etc., start by checking into web sites like VoiceCoaches.com, for example. Investing in your future is an important first step. Good luck!

Thank you for your advice!
Sorry for the blog spam, but I JUST wrote about this:
Thank you very much for your time and reply. I appreciate the depth and length of your reply, that is greatly helpful. I know to be truly successful at anything you have to have understanding, or true insight into what you are doing and so I can see the importants in getting training. I know that in my area we have Specs Howard School of Broadcasting and I've been wanting to go there for about 6 years now and I believe it will help me with most of the aspects you mentioned in regards to getting work as a voice actor and it may help me with a work solution in mean time too because they do have 87% placement in the field of broadcasting, which would be start to where I want to end up. It's a though that I'm planning on putting into action. Thank you again for your help!!
They have quite a hefty Tuition bill as well and don't allow part time students. I looked into just taking some classes there. They don't have classes aimed at VO work, but the have radio and tv production programs.

"I believe it will help me with most of the aspects you mentioned in regards to getting work as a voice actor and it may help me with a work solution in mean time too because they do have 87% placement in the field of broadcasting, which would be start to where I want to end up."

Not sure you are clear yet on just what it is you want to do - voice acting and broadcasting - as broad genres - are two different animals. Do you want to announce news, be a DJ of some kind, do traffic reports? That is broadcasting.

To learn more about voice acting - keep posting and reading. I would recommend getting either "There's Money Where Your Mouth Is" by Elaine Clark, or "The Art of Voice Acting" by James Alburger and work your way through them - aloud - recording everything, playing it back and analyzing what you did.

By the time you finish that you should have a better idea of what voice acting is and if you have any potential.
Thank you for your reply! I really, really, really would like to get into voice acting! That is what my preference is. I though about going to the school for broadcasting because many voice actor or voice over artist start in radio so I kinda wanted to start were some of the others have started.
First forget about how you sound and how many voices you can do. After you do that, go to braintracksaudio.com and get in contact with owner Nancy Wolfson. She's outta LA but will teach you where you are. Another brother from Detroit, Billye Thompson (she did his demo which is on her site), studied with her from home and now that cat is puttin in mad work. She teaches you from her curriculum and gets you set up to do a demo and artwork that will get you working. Most of all, she has an 87%, or greater, turnover for getting her students work or signed to an agent or both!! She is the truth for real. The best way to reach her is through her email; braintracksaudio@yahoo.com. Tell her I sent you. She's good to get back with you in minutes, so stay by your computer and make sure you listen to the demos she produces. GOD be with you on your jouney and keep in contact. I wanna know how your progress goes.

Peace and Blessings

Thank you so much. I appreciate it!
Some great responses here.....
Matt the bottom line is this, you know you are ready to make a demo when you don't have to ask if you're ready. J.S Gilbert has made some very valid points. It can seem discouraging yes, but that is the reality of the business and it's good to know that....but let me turn it around for you a bit. The bottom line is that he wants to make sure you LOVE it. Many of us in this industry eat, live and breathe voice over and you need to be in that same mind set to truly make it.

Anyone can MAKE it in this industry short of speech impediments, Poor reading skills, laziness and lack of passion. We have heard several talent make it with strange voices etc. Those who don't make it however are those that don't pursue this full time. This doesn't mean you have to or that you should quit your day job, but just like a brain surgeon needs to educate for MANY years before he can actually work on a patient, Voiceover is much the same. WE can take more risks of failure and success in VO of course, but it seems as though people forget that you must train to do what you want. Even a gas station attendant will train before starting his first day of work.

The training can take a lot of time for some and some get it quicker....it's all dependant on your ability to take direction and implement what is taught to you. I want to COMPLIMENT you for asking first. Many talent just go for it and produce the demo first, so you're already proving to me that you're going in with the right attitude. YOU MUST BE 100% Ready to pull off what you suggest you can do on your demo. This will take time....but are you willing to invest that time and money?

Do yourself a favor and stay away from classes that promise a demo as a result. There is NO way we know if you are ready for a demo without hearing you and working with you. I refuse to make ANYONES demo who isn't ready so just make sure you are working with a coach/director who says the same.

As mentioned, Nancy Wolfson is amazing....and perhaps local to you. Fantastic, get some training with her and the others suggested. In fact get a variety of training from several coaches. I don't know what market you're interested in but there are some amazing coaches out there. Bob Bergen, Bill Holmes, Marc Cashman, Myself (Deb Munro and I coach online so it doesn't matter where you live....I just need to hear you), Joyce Castellonas (Promos/Trailers), Rodney Saulsberry, Pat Fraley, Julie Williams and more.

The more training you get, the more you will grow, the more the money will follow....it may be a while before your ready for the demo and I know that's frustrating, but its just the way the business works. We all had to do the same.

Find a way to enjoy the process and make money utilizing people you know (message on hold etc)

I have a ton of info on my website as well and I'm happy to discuss with you further if you'd like

All my best
Deb Munro
Voice Talent/Coach


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