Hey everyone! Well, after purchasing the Focusrite Trakmaster Pro, I decided to test my old mic (Shure KSM 27) and my new mic (Neumann TLM 103). I can honestly say that the Neumann does not sound $800 better than the Shure. I hate to say it, but I think the Shure sounds more full. I did test the Neumann at the store and loved it. I still do love it but I am not hearing much of a difference. I have made a healthy living with the "Shure" and now I am thinking of going back to it. Help! I've become microphone obsessed! Is there a pill I can take? Anyway, if you could do me the honor and listen to my mic test and then let me know YOUR opinion, I would greatly appreciate it. JS, feel free to add your "I told you so" posting immediately. LOL!!

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I think that the Shure works better with the rich tone of your voice ...In fact, I think it actually enhances and accentuations the natural quality of your voice.

Everyone expects the Neumann to sound better because it is more expensive. Especially those that have shelled out the bucks to buy one for themselves. The fact of the matter is that different mic work for different types of voices. I think that the Neumann does sound better on some peoples voices ...those with more of a sibilant, midrange voice. You my friend, as I am sure you know, are a baritone. I have always been of the opinion that baritones sound better with a warmer sounding Mic. I think the Neumann is to bright for you. Though, you may be able to tweek that with a good quality processing.
Hi Tim,
Great answer...What do you recommend for "Sopranos" - ? - :0)
The first and second season's were my favorites. I thought they jumped the shark when they killed off Steve Bushemi's character.
Hilarious! LOL - I meant soprano voices - :0)
You gave a very interesting evaluation of Terry's situation, so I thought you might also have a recommendation for the females (like me) who are in the market for a new mic.
But I do agree with you re: the TV series.
Great stuff, Tim! Thank you for your input!
Terry, as a few others in this discussion also have suggested, testing the mics simultaneously without any processing will give you the true sound of each mic and help you determine which one compliments your voice best. This dry sound is especially important when working with clients who want a clean, unprocessed track. The engineer at the production house will process the VO as he/she and the client would like to hear it in the final mix. Knowing which mic sounds best dry will tell you which one will sound best when processed as the project is mixed. For clients who rely on you to add some compression and EQ to make the VO pop, you can tweak away knowing that you're starting with a mic that's truly compatible with your voice, which you can then sculpt with your Trakmaster as you see fit. As the folks here who voice trailers and network promos know, the "voice of God" starts with the talent, but ends up sounding as huge as it does because of some major tweakage of the processing knobs. (I think, as voice talent, we've all rolled off the bass on our stereos or the low frequency band of the EQ on our boards to see what that promo guy "really sounds like." What? Hmmm. I'm the only one? OK, so I'm a geek.) But it all starts with a great dry track. So, if you've got the best mic dry, you'll also have the best mic when you process it. Have fun!
Hmm. I think your ambient room temperature tolerance is off just a tad, Philip. I would only go with +/- 3 degrees C. ;-)
I agree with both assessments, you are, however, failing to take into account the Coriolis effect, which will, of corse, skew the tests depending on Northern or Southern Hemisphere, and distance to the equator.
Terry, I've just had a listen and for what it's worth, the Neuman has more body to it for me, the Sure is a bit brighter to my ears. But what do I know, I'm just a professional drummer!!
You know what they say! If it ain't broke, don't fix it! I agree with you, I think the Shure is a little fuller in sound.

This is a tricky one. But I think there is a bit more depth with the first -
subtle difference. Neumann is crisper; Shure is a bit warmer
is one better then the other
not for my ear. Not huge enough for the budget.

Hey Terry,

I just listened to your test, and I don't think the Neumann sounds $800 better. It does sound crisper than the Shure, yes...cleaner and technically better...but NOT that much money better.

The Shure is actually warmer, with a tone not far off from the Neumann. I'd stick with the Shure, unless you're stinking rich.

Joe Ochman


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