Hey everyone! Well, after purchasing the Focusrite Trakmaster Pro, I decided to test my old mic (Shure KSM 27) and my new mic (Neumann TLM 103). I can honestly say that the Neumann does not sound $800 better than the Shure. I hate to say it, but I think the Shure sounds more full. I did test the Neumann at the store and loved it. I still do love it but I am not hearing much of a difference. I have made a healthy living with the "Shure" and now I am thinking of going back to it. Help! I've become microphone obsessed! Is there a pill I can take? Anyway, if you could do me the honor and listen to my mic test and then let me know YOUR opinion, I would greatly appreciate it. JS, feel free to add your "I told you so" posting immediately. LOL!!

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Joe, I am filthy rich! Ha! Just kidding! I agree with what you're saying and I am still working with levels on the new processor. Man, you would think I just started out in this business. Lol!!
Hi Terry,

I gotta say they both sound great and very similiar to each other. Pretty amazing!

Terry - I played this several times and I'll be darned if I can hear any difference. But with my tenitis maybe I'm not hearing it as well as others might. See you Friday.
Chuck Hield
Hi Terry

I'd say stick with the Shure...it has a better baritone sound while keeping the bright highs- -hope this helps!


I think the Neumann was less colored and for production I think that's better. I could EQ your TLM 103 to sound like the Shure. I say let the engineer do the coloring, except maybe for auditions, then a little compression and normalizing might help you win a gig. But for the final job, just send it with light compression and only EQ if your booth has noticeable bass build-up. In that case i recommend treating your booth with some bass corner traps. Then you don't even need to EQ. I'm sure there are many opinions on this.

Good luck!

Hey, Terry. The Neumann sounds like it produces slightly more chest tone to my ear. The Shure, a tiny bit brighter. Comes down to taste, which one do you like best.

I know how you feel, though.

Hello, My name is TJ, and I'm a Mic junkie.
The TLM 103 sounds like TLM 103...but I agree the difference between that and Shure is not 800 bux.. I rarely use my TLM nowadays in fact.One thing with Neumanns though: they may not sound fantastic anymore compared to the rest, but they are the 'ticket' for some people, saying that if you have one, you are 'in'.
The only thing I hear in your test is rock 'n roll radio-style, vocal processing. You'll never hear the mics that way and certainly never hear $800 worth of difference.


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