Wow! What a great name for a band! But that's not why I'm writing.

Anybody got any tips for avoiding mouth noise when recording? I noticed, lately, especially when I'm doing prompts, that I've got a little "tic" at the end of each prompt. Drives me nuts!

Just curious what y'all do for that.

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Hahaha, I wouldn't lick anything in Melrose. Ok, not true, I've licked things out there but that's not what this thread is about.
Too many liquids consumed during a session or just before is right on. And don't sit there drinking coffee with cream, either, b/c that just makes it worse (I'm a little miffed about this b/c a talent continues to do that in my studio and she has the worse mouth noise ever and yes, I've asked her to stop).

Don't have pizza before a session. Not only is the cheese going to make your mouth all clicky and poppy but pizza actual makes you sluggish. I learned this the hard way when I used to record bands.

I'm going to try the cranberry juice thing. Or maybe I'll just pop a frozen cranberry in my mouth and see if that works. I mean, not that I ever have mouth noise but just in case ;).
Good suggestions, all. Here's our research and what we teach our students: Hydrate the day before your session. Bring some room temperature water to sip, not gulp, and slice a green Granny Smith apple (leave the skin on) and bring some slices to the session in a Baggie. Just a bite of a slice should help. Avoid dairy product up to four hours before a session, no caffeine (coffee, soda, etc) up to an hour before.
Hey Warren,

Is beer ok?

Nope, sorry Dan, it'll dehydrate you. Perhaps a stout ale. :)
Boy! You are dead on about the 416. That's what I use and it's unbelievably sensitive to anything in front of it! On the other hand, let a plane fly over or some motor run outside...nothing! It never ceases to amaze me. The only thing that seems to cut through is a phone ringing in the background. ARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!
OK, days later and I had a chance to go for the frozen cranberry. Puckered me right up and helped for about a minute with the extra gunk noise in my mouth. I needed a couple more to get through the session but it worked!
OK, I'm avoiding dairy, eating apples; no, BITING apples, drinking luke warm water, pressing my cheeks, licking my shirt, sipping diet cola, avoiding pizza, (*SOB!*), carrying around a jar of Grape jelly, and drinking cranberry juice.

I look insane, and I need to go to the bathroom.

But the mouth noises have stopped!
yesssss!!! hehe....

I just heard about this stuff again too.......heard about it a few years back but forgot about it. Just came up again in something I read recently although I've never used it so try at your own risk but I've heard a lot of good things......
And now to add to the frustration of mouth noise...TUMMY GROWLS!!!

I had a session yesterday for Subway, and right in the middle of it my stomach decided to get in to the act. Daaaang! That's embarrassing!!!

All I could think of to say was "I guess I know where I'll be going for lunch!"
Wow. That sounds pretty embarassing. But here's to being quick with that comment, a funny one might I add.


I'm going there..........HOW can you quiet tummy noises? I get them more AFTER I eat than before.


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