Wow! What a great name for a band! But that's not why I'm writing.

Anybody got any tips for avoiding mouth noise when recording? I noticed, lately, especially when I'm doing prompts, that I've got a little "tic" at the end of each prompt. Drives me nuts!

Just curious what y'all do for that.

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Stay away from spicy foods and dairy products before your record and I have found that apple slices dry out the mouth just enough. Yes, I hate editing out mouth clicks. :)
For some people biting into a green apple, and sucking some of the juice out, can help "clean" the mouth out a bit.

You also want to be careful flushing too aggressively with water. When you drink a lot water, your mouth figures it doesn't need to produce as much saliva. No saliva = no lubrication, and as you start talking you can dry out pretty quick. One reason people might get a little "clacky".
Hey Dan, i've found that starting to drink water some hours before helps a great deal. I agree with S.A.G. about flushing too aggressively with water but a litre of water ingested regularly over a period of two hours before the session and then continue with sips throughout the session usually does the trick for me. James
What ya wanna do to avoid that sticky, clacky mouth noise prior to recording is drink a big thick milkshake, have some cheese, and......WAIT! - NO! - that's NOT what you wanna do! ;-)
Actually, the best thing is to brush your teeth and tongue really , really well - sparkling clean - you want your lips to slide easily over your teeth while speaking without sticking - water is good, but again as advised below, don't over consume, sometimes I just swish and spit, then I put on chapstick to keep my lips from sticking together. Also, periodically running my tongue around the insides of my mouth and teeth while recording clears all those noise-makers out!
Hi Dan!

I battle this problem constantly too. Drinking more water in general does help for a lot of people, your mouth is dry when the rest of your body is, so hydrating it more consistently should minimize the problem. However, we both know that we all do NOT drink as much water as we should, and personally i hate having to take a potty break every 10 minutes, which is what happens when you drink the eight-8 oz glasses daily that they say we should.

SO........(i'm getting to the answer in here i promise)..........Terry's right too, I have heard of and tried that method (only tart apples will work for that by the way, Granny smith or Macintosh are best), but i'm not a fan of chewing on something while i'm recording, whether i'm at home or at an outside studio. I wanted to find something that was tart but didn't create TOO much "stuff" in my throat, that i could sip on rather than eat, in between takes. Clearing your mouth to resume recording after taking a sip of a drink is MUCH quicker than taking a bite of something.

I came up with CRANBERRY JUICE! I've always drank it throughout my life, but never thought it would help with my career. :) To me it has just the right amount of tartness to get those glands stimulated and it has become my "WD40". :) I keep a cup of it handy all day long.

If you try it, make sure you get PLAIN cranberry juice. Not raspberry, strawberry, apple, or anything else mixed in, it makes it too sweet and you won't get the same result.

If after writing all of this, you don't even LIKE cranberry juice, try Gatorade or another sports drink instead of water, it hydrates better. I drink it instead of water for a hangover and it works like a charm. ;)

So there's my 2 cents. Man I'm getting as bad as JS with my lengthy posts! :) Sorry guys, i'll keep it shorter next time and just cut to the chase.

--Trish Basanyi
The tart juices will work too.
I don't know how it came to be that "eating" a green apple was the thing to do.

I had always heard you take a green apple, sink your teeth in, and suck juice out.
Diet Coke..or Diet Cola works for me. Just enough sugar to coat and it doesn't flush out the mucous which water does.
Also instead of closing your mouth completely at the end of a sentence or word, leave the lips parted so you don't get lip smack. People make the mistake of drinking lots of water or anything and not realizing it's your mouth needing lubrication not your esophagus and throat. Relax your face and if you get clicks because of a fat tongue or tooth occlusion probs, press your finger against your cheek to fill in the gaps.
You guys have been no help at all! I've wet my pants twice and I look like a dork pushing my cheeks in.


Just kidding! Thanks for all the advice. BTW, I got an personal email on this suggesting a tablespoon of olive oil before a session. I'll let you know if that works!!!
Drinking liquids -- not too cold -- seems to help...
But one thing I will say, I am soooo much more aware of these little clicks and smacks than ever before since I have been involved in a lot of home recording... I have gotten pretty good at editing them out, and those little breaths too!
I was in a session at a Manhattan studio recently -- and I heard a couple of "mouth sounds." The producer hadn't noticed... but I could help pointing them out to him.
Fortunately, the engineer could make them gone.
When mouth noise starts happening mid-session - i lick my shirt. Seems to clear all the offending noise generating gunk off my tounge, and the mouth noise stops. Apple slices do help as well, but 15 or 20 minutes before the session.
OMG, I'm glad I'm not the only one who does this! I feel like a little kid...I used to do that in front of the tv to dry up the inside of my mouth. Too funny.
OK....I'll bite....I am going to lick my shirt later today when I am in a session!!! (I hope I am not falling for another sick joke....I am still a little emotionally scarred from childhood, when a friend suggested I lick the B&M railroad track in Melrose MA on a sub freezing New England winter afternoon)


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