Heya, I have a voice over audition, resulting in me reading the part for a 6-7 year old boy. I've been practising hard, and have nearly achieved the sound I want, but does anyone have any more tips for preperation? I know you have to appear confident, smile, and be reliable, but I am still a little nervous. Thanks in advance. I might also be up against the same person who got the voice of the Noddy toy in my last audition. She's had nine years of experience by now, and it makes me think, I'm doomed!! Loll, but it also makes me more determined.

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Not like you haven't, but I suggest you study dialect of a young boy. You can almost find anything on youtube, and if you catch on quickly... you can ace the job. Those are my pennies, many more to come from other talent.

Thanks v much, Rick. :) I've been mainly listening to adverts and things, so I'll search on Youtube and see what I can find.
Thanks v much for the advice, Jeff. Yes, I mean it's all about acting isn't it? I probably can't walk into the studios with a frog under my arm, and wipe my nose on my sleeve or people might think I left my brain behind! Haha, but I know exactly what you mean. Voice acting is acting, and I will have a go at learning to become the boy. I know your advice was meant to be serious and I shouldn't laugh, but it did make me chuckle.

I hope it will do it!!

Ok, cool. I'll just walk in, do the best I can, and leave as though I haven't done anything.
You have gotten as good of advice as you could possibly get. The only thing I would add is:"She's had nine years of experience by now, and it makes me think, I'm doomed!!"

DO NOT THINK THAT WAY. If you wake up in the morning and decide you are going to have a crappy day, you are always right.

Good luck to you. Knock 'em dead!

I know, loll thanks Eric. I just meant I am a little scared as I know who I might be up against, but no matter, I'll give it my best shot. That's all anyone can do right? :)

I will not think the negative way.

Thanks v much for your advice!!
Lol, thanks for your advice, now onto the roleplay.....................

"I think it's icky, I don't like it. It makes me sick. She should never have boyfriends, they're weird. Anyway, I want to stop talking about this now, and go and find some cakes. Go away!"

Hahaha. I didn't mean him to come out that rude, loll, thanks for the advice Phillip.

To everyone: I did the audition today, and it went well, but I've never realised before how high and squeaky you have to become to be a 6-7 year old boy, I went with another voice and had to completely change it. I did other character voices too, and it was amazing! Nobody knows what it's for yet. It could be animation actually, as I had to voice loads of different animals. I do know it's something educational for little children though. :) Thanks for everyone's advice, this site rules!!
I realize that this is way after the fact, but there is a great commercial running right now that may be helpful for your development of a little boy voice. It's a little boy talking about how he likes broccoli, but hates all these other vegetables.


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