I'm equipped with several mics, and each have it's own purpose.


1. Sennheiser MKH 416 P48 (great for deep voiced trailers and narrations)
2. AKG C414b (classic for standard vo)
3. CAD Equitek E-350 (if you want ballz to tha wallz)
4. Audio Technica AT-4050 (great vocal mic)
5. Samson C03U USB Condenser Mic (This USB is serious on and off the road for nice, basic, clean vo's)
5. Rode Broadcaster (a nice mic, gets the job done)


1. Adobe Audition (user friendly for recording, and a fan favorite)
2. Pro-Tools (the studio standand in producing, plus you can add it's ISDN quality service called source connect)
3. T-Racks is great for mastering in house audio, leave the rest to the pros


EMU 1616 (i personally swear by it)
Symetrix 528e (great piece, I mostly use it for noise reduction)


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Hi Everyone,

I am new to VO, but my husband has been a professional lead guitarist his entire adult life. We have been recording his songs and set up the studio for that purpose so only some of our equipment is for my VO work.


1. Mojave MA200 (very smooth vocal mic)
2. Rode NT1-A (not sure about this one yet -- we are still getting to know each other)
3. (2) Okatva MK-319 (these seem to sound better on the Aphex than on the Avalon pre)
4. Shure KSM27 (my husband says this one makes me sound sexy)
5. Sennheiser 421 (good for acoustic guitar)
6. Shure SM81 (one of our favorites to mic the guitar amp)
7. Sennheiser 609 (good on the Marshall amps for rock sounds)


1. Pro Tools HD2 7.3.1
2. 96 I/O
4. Digidesign Control|24
5. Sweetwater Creation Station dual core, etc.

Plug Ins

Countless number of processing plug-ins by East-West, Isotope, Waves, Focusrite . . . too many to list.

Rack Equipment

Avalon VT737sp
Aphex 320
Presonus/Anthony DeMaria Labs 600
Drawmer Compressor
Alesis Masterlink
Neutrik 96 point patchbay
Furman power conditioner
Rane HC-6 Headphone Amp

MIDI Instruments

Roland JV2080 (synth module)
Roland XP50 (keyboard)
Roland SH201 (keyboard)
Roland TD61 (electronic drums)
Roland GR30 (guitar synth)
(You can tell we like the sounds from Roland.)
M-Audio Trigger Finger

My husband has guitars by Ibanez, Fender, Yamaha, an electric sitar, 12-string Alvarez, 6-string Alvarez and a bunch of amps and cabs. A lot of percussion instruments, etc.

If any of your clients need a musical background, be sure to let them know about my husband's work. He has been a sideman and studio musician for many top R&B, Reggae, and Rock, and World Beat artists.

Enough of the shameless pride I have in my husband!

It's nice to be here and thank you for 'paying it forward' to those of us just starting out.

Sue Colas
Paradise Sound Arts
I didn't use the 'link' function right on my post above. Here is the link to my husband's MySpace account: Evens Colas

Evens & Sue Colas
Paradise Sound Arts
WOW Mr Gilbert! You have an awesome studio!

After I caught him packing his bags yesterday, my husband told me he is going to go live with JS and his Telefunkens and Neumanns. "Sorry, you're a great wife, but my heart is with Mr Gilbert's microphones."

After tieing him to the chair and 'convincing' him he is staying, he has been moping around like the dog does when no one feeds him bones after dinner.

Back to the torture . . . er I mean . . . back to work.

Mic I rock Sennheiser MKH 416 P48....I have gotten rid of all the others.....it works for me
Whisper Room Isolation Booth.....shhhh.......quiet
Adobe Audition V3.0
Focusrite Platinum Pre into M-Audio Mobile Pre-USB interface
On vacation I take the 416 on the road and plug into a M-Audio Microtrack Flash recorder for hotel motel sessions
Hi JS,

I think I'm in trouble.

My husband says he would trade me off for a vintage Telefunken, a vintage Neumann, and a mint '59 Les Paul Standard Sunburst.

Who would have thought it! And here I thought it was my home made bread! LOL

Here's a list of what's in the Audio Asylum:

* 2.66GHz Core 2 Duo PC running Windows XP OS with 20" LCD flat screen monitor * Mackie 1642-VLZ 16-Channel Mixer * Audition 2.0 * Cubase SX * Wavelab * T-RackS 24 Mastering Suite * Melodyne Uno * BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer * FL Studio * Alesis 3630 Dual Channel Compressor/Limiter * Behringer Virualizer Pro Digital Effects Processor * Behringer Ultragraph Pro 15-Band Graphic Equalizer * Behringer VX2000 Ultra-Voice Mic Pre/Voice Processor (2) * KEL Audio HM-1 Condenser Mic * Marshall Electronics MXL2003 Condenser Mic * Marshall Electronics MXL990s Condenser Mic * Marshall Electronics MXLV67B Condenser Mic * B.L.U.E. 8-Ball Condenser Mic * Shure SM7B Mic * M-Audio Studiophile DX4 Active Nearfield Monitors *Pioneer CDJ-800 Compact Disc Player *Tascam BR-20 2-Track Reel-to-Reel *Ensoniq Keyboard Sampler *Sennheiser Headphones (2 pair) *1000’s of Production Elements

You get a peek here on this site.
Rick, awesome studio set up list. Can you tell us more about the EMU 1616 & Symetrix 528e units? How do you incorporate them, and where is the best source to buy them from?

Hi Rick!

I'm just getting started with my home studio. So far, I've got two mic's.

1. Samson CO1U USB Condenser Mic - my starter mic
2. ElectroVoice RE20 - fantastic sound!

I work mostly on Cool Edit Pro (Adobe Audition), but also have used Audacity, Cubase, and GarageBand.
I run two setups; one for voiceover recordings, and one for radio production:


1. Voiceovers: Groove Tubes GT67 (suggested by our friend J.S. Gilbert, actually)
2. Radioshow: Rode NTK w/ tube-mod


1. Voiceovers: Tube-Tech MEC 1A w/ tube-mods
2. Radioshow: Joemeek VC1Q


1. Custom-built Core2 Duo, Intel chipsets, 3 GB RAM, Dual monitors & VGA-splitter for the booth monitor
2. Echo MIA Midi interface


1. Steinberg WaveLab 4
2. Sony Vegas 8
3. Plugin bundles from Waves, TC Works, Timeworks, Sony and others


1. Behringer MX2804A, soon to be replaced most likely by a Soundcraft M4 or M8
2. dbx "Project 1" 266 compressor/gate


1. Genelec 1019A Bi-Amped
2. Sennheiser HD25 headphones

And here's how it looks:

Hey guys...I'd love it if you could post some pics of your studios. I'm in the process of moving into a much larger space and have no idea what I'm going to put in it. Show me your and when i'm done I'll show you mine.
Hello everybody.

I'm quite new to this place, but since I love to see/read what you guys have in your studioes, maybe some of you even want to see my so far simple list of equipment... At least I get my jobs done with it...

Ok, here it goes:

DAW: Dell Dimension 9200, 2,66 ghz core 2, 2 Gb ram.

Mic: Rode K2 (I like it - both the sound of it and the fact that it is affordable) :-)
Pre-amp: Solid State Logic XLogic Alpha Channel - I just love the eq on this!
Soundcard: Native Instruments Audio Kontrol external soundcard 1
Speakers: Genelec 8020-A
Software: Adobe Audition 2. I also have Cubase 4, but A.A. is way easier to use.

Maybe I will add some pics later.....
I have a question and am probably in the wrong forum. BUT...I just started playing around wtih Garage Band (Mac)...I have never used it but have an iBook....Just wondering if anyone has had any experience, good or bad...with it...It's a little strange in a few areas....but I am having fun exploring it....


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