Okay! So I'm delighted with my Neumann TLM 103. Perfect for my vocal style. Now, I am interested in getting some feedback on preamps. While I'm happy with the preamp mixer that I have, I am very interested in upgrading that as well. I'd like to get one with a nice compressor in it. Right now, I don't have it and if I use compression at all, it's through the software which is good but not great. I'd also like to spend less than $1000 on one. Is that even possible? I welcome your thoughts and J.S. Gilbert, please limit your posting to less than two pages. Ha! I'm kidding! Thanks for your help, everyone!

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Terry, were in the same boat. Please let me know what you find out when you get the pre that you like.
I use the pre in my Tascam digital mixer. It's OK but I really want to sound like Brian James. Is it me or does he sound as if he has grapefruits for balls?. Jumpin up to a nice mic was as great step and I believe were on our way.
Ok, I'm about to make a fool of myself, but as my Mum says "you don't ask, you don't get!" At the moment I have a very remedial set up to say the least: an M-Audio Luna condenser mic, into an M-Audio interface, going to my Mac and that's it! I used to use Garageband, but have recently upgraded to Adobe Soundbooth (which is fantastic!). I'd like to say that no one has ever critisized the sound I give them and clients have always been happy when I record from home, so I guess that's something!

I'm a professional freelance drummer here in the UK and a couple of years ago I bought a Pro-Tools recording rig that I actually don't need at the moment or use. With it came a Focusrite Octo-Pre pre-amp. At the moment it's sitting doing nothing! Reading all your comments, I guess I should really hook it up to my mic and use it for my voiceovers.

As someone who has only been in the V/O game for a few years and who is a technical newbie can someone please help me with this... Do I take it that I should now plug my mic into the Pre-amp and then go from that to my audio interface? I have never really used this before and don't fully understand what effect it will have on my voice. What will it actually do? Will I hear a difference in my voice? What settings are good to start with?

Sorry to chime in with remedial questions, but as you can tell I have a set up that works and never thought to add anything to it. This topic has made me realise that I should dust off the Focusrite Octo-Pre pre-amp and actually utilise i for my voiceovers. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Darren x
OK, I've gone from no true pre-amp to a collection. I now have a DBX 286a, an Aphex 207D, and an Aphex 230. So, which one do I keep? Or which 2? I'd love to hear the opinions of everyone, I hear from a lot of DBX users, and Aphex was a big presence at VOICE 2008, but I have heard few, if any, opinions offered on it. Your thoughts?

Hello, my name is TJ and I am a gear junkie.
Heinekin is a pre amp....I thought that was just a beer......I'd be lost if I didn't have a sound engineer to help me with all the techy stuff.
Question.....Is there a better pre amp for females that do kids and teen voices as well as sexy Vo's? Does it really make as much of a difference? I was shocked at how different my AKG mic sounded verses my Groove Tube. I really have no idea how a different pre amp would change my sound.

I kind of think the way Philip does but, I haven't been around as long as he has. I'm more a performer than a producer but, I'm learning more and more about producing.
Yes there actually IS a microphone that suits both kids and teen voices as well as sexy VO's. Register for my VO class and learn the secrets... and YES: I WILL teach you how to be a success in just 14 days...!! ;-))

No seriously - there is not one single combination of mic/preamp that is the best for everything, just like you don't use same clothes for all occasions. You feel different on different days. I rotate 4-5 mikes and 2-3 different preamps. Not extremely expensive stuff but gives a great variety of combinations.
I own a DW Fearn and a Daking MicPreOne which I purchased after a shoot out that also included a Grace 101 and a Universal Audio Solo 610. They are all great mic preamps and you'll hear precious little difference between them if you're reading one or two lines. Where I could hear the difference was in long form recordings, the Fearn and the Daking made my voice slightly more palatable; but let me stress that I'm really splittin' hairs to say that. I could highly recommend any of those preamps; I'd be inclined to say that when you spend that sort of money on any preamp they'll be VERY GOOD.

Ultimately, I made my decision purely as a marketing call: the DW Fearn is a famed mic pre and the Daking is a hot new mic pre so it gives voice searchers options to mix and match with a U87 or a Senn 416.
Audio interface: MOTU Ultralite Mk3. Has 'built-in' software limiter, EQ etc. The limiter sounds great, meaning it does not sound at all = not coloring (distorting) your sound like I've heard some hardware devices do. The EQ is also very decent in my opinion.

Preamp: TRUE Systems P-Solo. Good solid clean sound at a decent price.

Cables: MOGAMI. Once you tried, you don't want to use any other cables.


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