Okay! So I'm delighted with my Neumann TLM 103. Perfect for my vocal style. Now, I am interested in getting some feedback on preamps. While I'm happy with the preamp mixer that I have, I am very interested in upgrading that as well. I'd like to get one with a nice compressor in it. Right now, I don't have it and if I use compression at all, it's through the software which is good but not great. I'd also like to spend less than $1000 on one. Is that even possible? I welcome your thoughts and J.S. Gilbert, please limit your posting to less than two pages. Ha! I'm kidding! Thanks for your help, everyone!

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I have one that I haven't used in a while...but I remember I used to get great sound from it...I am about to start using it again however and have asked Joe for his settings menu with the 103.....I will let you know how sweet or sour it is for me......hmmm..why am I craving Chinese food all of a sudden??
Hi Joe... like Mike, I'd like to know your settings. Thanks! Joe Geoffrey joe@2voiceit.com
So true about the acoustic quality. I remember working at a radio station in Ft.Worth. They spent 1 million dollars refurbishing the old building. However, the control and production rooms were surrounded by glass, hollow walls and no carpeting. We went like this for months until the clueless GM finally priced some acoustical foaming. $500 do do a basic soundproofing. He balked at it!

Yeah let's spend 1million on the building but balk at $500 for Foam. Haa..Haa...Gotta love it!
OK, let's take a step into Fantasyland. What's the ultimate preamp? Manley? Avalon? Heinekin? hey-don't laugh, after a couple I think I sound great! Curious to hear what mike/preamp combo you'd get if price was no object.
If money were no problem, Avalon with a U87.
DW Fearn (Preamp) w/ a Brauner VMA.
Dude --

No change in mics since I saw you at Sound Hound a few years back, still using the 416.

I've owned the Manley Voxbox (paid $2700, sold it), the Millennia STT-1 (paid $2200, sold it), the Requisite Audio PAL (cha ching, kept them) and several other pieces. To my ears, and for my voice, without any of the processors engaged, the Avalon 737 has a killer midrange presence which I certainly did not hear in the previously mentioned preamps. It may be the reason people love the unit or hate it. I do believe it's safe to say that it lives up to its "pure gain" nameplate. I have seen a fair number of negative posts on the internet regarding Avalon preamps. My guess is that the number of Avalon sales are probably still quite comfortable and as someone mentioned a while back, the number of satisfied people probably FAR exceeds the posts online.
The Avalon gets negative reviews largely from people in the music community because it does not have much character. That being said, the only character you generally want in VO work is the one that the talent is providing (not from the Preamp).

btw- Kevin, are you going to return your paperwork to me?
"Curious to hear what mike/preamp combo you'd get if price was no object"

Brauner VM1 KHE / Tube Tech MEC1A.

Insanely overkill for VO, though.... although I do actually own the Tube Tech already.
But one of these days I have to test a Brauner Phantom C with this.
I'd probably go the Avalon
I'll second the RNP (combo it with the RNC - very nice sound for the $$$), and also throw a vote out for the LA-610.
Hey everyone! What are your thoughts on the Focusrite Trackmaster? Seems like a decent price for a pretty good unit.


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