Hey gang, any thought on this?? Membership will be closed after the first 100 join up at the cost of 1995.00+taxes. So what do you think, will it be the top 100 most talented people or will it be the 100 with the most money? Just throwing a bone out for a bit of discussion here....Cheers

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1995.00?? I got an email about it but haven't read it yet. I will say one thing. I was hesitant at first to even spend 100.00 for a membership over there. But I did it as an experiment to see if I could land a gig within 60 days. I did it. I have made close to 1000.00 over there and don't audition all that much. So...I love the site and the customer service hasn't missed a beat~!!...but can't really offer any real input on the Platinum membership at this moment~~
Right you are Mike, the customer service is fantastic and it's a great site to get your vo's out there.
You've got a point, Bry. Why didn't they offer this to a select few who have had the most success as opposed to any Moe who can drum up 2 grand?!?
Spendy membership but David is a marketing and SEO genius so I would think it would be an investment that would pay off for you. There's a good shot that I may do it.
No doubt Voices.com is quality! With my current membership it's been nothing but smooth sailing with them. I am sure they make the Platinum membership worth every penny.
Well some of you better get you're 2 grand ready. They are only accepting 100 folks.
What does that level of membership get you? That's a pretty penny to spend just to get work. Would I just be spending that money to get a better advertisement of my voice? Guess if I was going to advertise anyway, that would be the way to do it but it's still a lot of money.
Have you heard of Voices On Line Now? I think our site, is the only site that does not charge VO talent to be featured. The process of being featured on this website is more in depth than some of the other companies in the same industry.
I wonder if the platinum membership guarantees at least one VO job or how long the membership is for.

Thank you,
Mackenzie Vick
Hi all,

My day job is freelance writing, and I totally agree with Todd's Sept. 2 reply---in the print/Internet world, "pay to work" sites are considered pretty shady and shunned by pros.

I've got a long history of in-house VO and I'm new to freelancing--I'm working a demo that showcases my most current skills--but it's a strange world in VO compared to print. I interviewed Susan Berkeley last week as part of my writing work, and she made a lot of comparisons between the business practices of freelance VO and writing, but I'm surprised by the idea that a newcomer in freelance VO might actually need to use a subscription service to access auditions. (She didn't say that, it's just my impression)

Granted, I'm still learning what's real and what's fluff in this part of the freelance game, so maybe I've got some catching up to do :-)


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