Hi Gang!
Just curious how many of us here would be interested in getting together and practicing our art? VOWOL ( Voice Over Work Out Lounge) like but with out the cost of a studio? Meet at a coffee shop or something ? Have a meet and greet and then practice?? How many think this would/could be feasible?

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I have a place in Worcester that I teach yoga in - an old Catholic church gym that's almost never used. It has bathrooms and would probably only cost us $50 to rent for a few hours. It's not beautiful but lots of space and great acoustics! We could all bring food or just head out to a restaurant after practicing. Watchathink?
i'd make an effort to attend. How many of us would there be ? Wonder if it's necessary to set up space when most of us have some kind of studio. Damn, i haven't been to Worcester in a couple of decades. I worked there for 7 years..
Your not missing much ;). I offered Worcester b/c I thought it would be central for many in the NE area. I'd say we can just do it in my studio but it's small so more than 4 people and we'd be, um, cozy. Plus we're in the process of selling and moving so I'm not sure I'll even have a studio here by then. I'm up for traveling anywhere, though.
We could fit 8 or so into the prod room I use at AAF. I'm sure management would be cool with us having a get together there. Jeff...you get to see what the old place has morphed into over the years. A little different from the Worcester days :)
Sounds good to me!
haha - the prod studio i used at 'AAF was in the corner at 19 Norwich St - into which you could possibly squeeze 6 adults. I interviewed Dee Snider in that room back when he had hair like "Cousin It". The setup was brilliant however - props to Dom Bordonaro, genius engineer.

Presume today you have at least 5 or 6 more square feet of floor space than we had back then :)
perhaps a VO Work Out followed by wandering amongst the pumpkins in the puckerbrush?
John, that sounds great but I can't make it to that. Perhaps others will join you!
Hey Anthony~

Sounds like a great idea. Always looking to further develop skills and network....with new friends. How about an old lighthouse in Maine? Oh well.....I can travel.

Thumbs up

Or, at the very least, carpool, eh?

Admittedly, I'm a little late to this party!  :)

Im wondering:  Are any of you guys still getting together for this?  If not, is anyone still interested in doing this?  I would love to get a VO workout group going to keep our minds and voices limber and our acting chops sharp. 



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