I had the pleasure of doing a series of national radio spots for The Sharper Image. It was pretty dry an started off with, "Are you bored? Or bored sometimes... like right now? Then go to the Sharper Image Store. They have robots that give free massages right in the store!"

I excitedly shared news with friends after the first one I did a few months ago only to be met with the fact that they declared bankruptcy! :) They were still up and running for a while... and I still got paid so it was all good. I just emailed the contact there to see how things were going and if they had a new spot yet. Autoreply told me he no longer worked there... research told me that everybody no longer worked there (except the bankruptcy guys taking the phone calls)... they closed up shop. So now what do I do with the great reference i received from him? :) Does including the spot on my demo give the appearance that I "killed" the store?! :)

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Hi Dave. I'm here now. I'll never forget that day where I work when I was fulfilling a production order for Sharper Image. When I retrieved the audio and started dubbing, I said to myself... hey that sounds just like Dave. Turns out it was.
I think this will only stop you from getting work with Best Buy......anyway congrats


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