This is almost embarrassing because Toyota designed the nav system not to let you interact with the direction finder while the car is moving. It sure has irritated a lot of people, so I apologize but I didn't design it.
The same company I recorded the nav prompts for said it was going to be sold to Nissan, Porsche and others but I have no idea. BTW I had to be super flat and boring with this job so I wouldn't make women jealous or men distracted and there was a chick who had started the project before I was brought on board, so I had to sound as "uninteresting" as she did.
Too funny!

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I'd take direction from you any day Lani!
Now finding blushing barn! Keep your arms and legs inside until this ride comes to a full and complete stop. :)
Amazing! I think I'll go test drive a Prius just to say, " Hey...I know who she is." Congrats, Lani:)
Oh gadzooks no. I seriously am more concerned that people are ticked at the inconvenience posed by having to stop to engage the direction finder. LOL
Thanks though. Stay wonderful
Lani - speaking of jobs where people will get ticked at you - I'm the "Customer needs assistance at plumbing supplies (or whatever)" at one of the major home remodeling stores (the one with one name, not two) and at certain times of the day, my voice is all that you hear - had one employee tell me he was going to sue the company for harassment because he heard me all day long. Frankly, if he was doing his darn job, he wouldn't hear me!!!
As long as you aren't that sickenly sweet voice I hear at Von's, I'm cool with that.LOL. It's so funny what jobs we end up with. Sometimes I'm glad I have a short term memory. Be well and prosper Connie.
Congratulations Lani, great news and a funny story.

Compliment ahead in two inches....................................................Congrats Lani! I don't know... as "uninteresting" as you say you had to be I still find it very exciting!! I too want to hop in one to hear you and go "Oh, that's Lani. Yeah, I know her!"

So car manufacturers really believe that women will be jealous of a female voiced navigation system? What, are they nuts?! Eeeeeeeeediots! And you can't use it while driving? Ummmmmmm.... oookaaaaayyyy...... they're obviously not as directionally challenged as I am and have no clue how blow your brains out frustrating that would be for those of us who can't find our way out of a paper bag.

Super cool gig Lani-- even if you didn't get to have fun with it! Congratulations!!
Yes Dina---I listened to some of the pickups for the Prius that I recorded from home and I cringed! Many audio books abide by the same philosophy of not wanting to be too distracting and also being a good sleeping aid. Well, I hope the Prius VO isn't a sleeping aid but you get my point. ;)
Congrats to you. Very cool gig!
You super flat and boring -- is still a lot more interesting and sexy than the jealous woman.
Great gig... not enough to make me want to drive a Prius, but great gig none-the-less.
That's so funny that you apologize! I find I do that a lot when people I meet tell me how annoying I am (not ME but the voice stuff I do. really, it can't be me, can it?). This is a great example of how we can't always let our voices take over and be distinctive but have to let the product shine through our voice. Congrats on the gig!! I'm going to pretend I know you, too, if I ever sit in a Prius!


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