Most of my work is with Garage Band, but I recently installed Logic Express. I am having a problem with it. My mic work sounds tiny or distant in Logic. It does not in Garage Band. Equalization does not help in Logic either. Anyone have this problem? Know how to fix it? I also use phantom power with my mic, still the problem persists. Thanks.

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I just got logic too..still trying to figure it out...I'm close. I'll keep you in my loop.
Ok! Thanks. Logic is like learning to fly a plane! I was told by an Apple rep that you have to do a lot of tweaking with equalization, etc., to bring it to where, say, Garage Band is normally set for a mic. I guess that has to do with the sophistication of Logic; you need to make your setting exactly how you want it as opposed to a pre-set, like with Garage Band. But still my mic sounds much too "tinny" or distant in Logic. We'll see. And thanks for any info you can provide later.


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