We have probably heard most of the bloopers out there. I ran across this site which has a Jack Palance VO session on it that is priceless. I had never heard it before.


If anyone has any PERSONAL bloops or other fun stuff, here might be a good place to share, create a nice break in the VO day for some.

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The Jack Palance VIDEO has been on the I ROCK THE MIC VO front page and archives for weeks. Click Here
I have seen that image but never clicked the vid, til now. Even BETTER with the Real Audio guys behind it...Thanks for pointin' that out~
Today I went to do my weekly VO session at Online Super Ad Agency Spotrunner.com high atop the Conde Nast building in the Miracle Mile in LA. (swankeee!)

While reading my first of many scripts for the day there was an annoying yet familiar sound that kept interrupting my reads.

It was a FART sound!

Mauricio the producer on duty kept accusing me of flattulence!

I plead innocent.....but in a gaseous situatuion like this the more you protest innocence, the more you seem guilty.

On it went....take two.....FAAAAAART......take three.....FAAART.....!

Finally I told Mauricio to smell the booth to prove that the only orifice through which I had emitted sound was my mouth. A quick sniff and it was evident that no olfactory proof was present. If nobody smellt it, then WHO dealt it? I scanned the floor of the booth......in the corner lay a small black plastic box.
Closer examination revealed that THIS BOX was the offender.
A co-worker had planted a voice activated WHOOPIE CUSHION in the vocal booth!
For now, I'll bide my time.......revenge is a dish best served cold.....but I will have it!
Mauricio sent me the audio from one of the electronic whoopie cushion takes....enjoy
The future never sounded soooooo.....soooooo....um> that's just GOOD CLEAN FUN....lol...
OMG! I need to get one of those. Thanks for posting it!
John... that's hilarious! I'll have to remember that one when I bring someone into the studio next time!
One I forgot about. I was doing a session at Webonly Prod. (on Vine) a while back. It was for "Jenna Tales" (Jenna Jameson)....she was there along with 4 or 5 of her "people". We yapped a little while we waited for the engineer to finish up with another session. Finally it was game time.....I stepped into the tiny booth and right away noticed something didn't smell RIGHT......I didn't say anything.....the lines came up in front of me and I stepped up to the mic....the smell was OUTRAGOUS. They were all gathered around in the control room and I didn't want to say anything....I did a couple of takes....the engineer piped in with "cannn, you get a closer to the mic?".....I did....and actually gagged. THIS pop filter had been sprayed with what was called "shit in a can"...lol.....they all got a HUGE kick out of it. The engineer came in and pulled the filter and mic out and replaced it...turned on an exhaust fan for about 15 secs....and we did a few more takes. .......They actually ended up using MOST of one of the takes I did with the smell of SHIT under my nose.

So John. What is it with these guys and their enjoyment of putting us in tiny rooms with flatulence and shit smells??? ***we're all adults here, right?? lol I didn't feel like editing this.
OK, and I'm going to have to use this one, too. Too much!
Now that is some funny, well, shit.
This one isn't audio but it caused embarrassment so I'll share. I have many clients that send me scripts for quick turn-around and I send back a 'got it' email so they know I've received it. One day I typed way too fast and sent 'go tit'. I'm not shy but the guy I sent it to has a habit of ALWAYS staring at my boobs but he tries to be polite about it. So much for polite. It opened the floodgates for constant boob comments after that. Sigh. I now type 'ok' instead.

I do have some blooper files somewhere around here that I'll have to share...


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